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Happy Holidays everyone from the FTV/genex magazine staff. Hope you are staying warm and dry!

Candy Canary in China and Thailand

National-level heavyweight bodybuilder Candy Canary sent us some pics from her recent missionary trip to China and Thailand, where she helped distribute bibles (which they had to smuggle into China) and visited churches, children’s homes and AIDS hospitals. She had been to Thailand before, but this was her first time in China. “I really stick out!” she says.

Candy says she lost 24 pounds while she was there because she wasn't able to train or eat a bodybuilder's diet. Now safely back home in Oklahoma, she says she is putting the size back on and focusing on competing again at the 2007 USA.

You can read more about Candy’s trip and her ministry in her blog.

Heather Policky in the Arnold - see the full lineups!

Heather Policky in the Arnold - see the full lineups!
The Arnold lineups are set - check them out at:

Jo Stewart update!

Jo Stewart has taken the New Zezland National bodybuilding title for the fifth time and just got 3rd place at the World Masters Champs in Sicily! Jo has posted a lot of info on her site.

We're big fans since we first met her and her husband Mark at the Worlds several years ago - congrats Jo!

Special thanks for some info from Anita Albrecht who Jo's working with now too!

Announcing the new WPW site!

From publisher Bill Jentz!

"Women's Physique World (WPW) has a new site which will reproduce older issues of the print magazine which are no longer available, adding many more photos to the original coverage. We will have a new OnlineMagazine each month, and the first one is live now. Our OnlineMagazine #1 features:

1) Our entire 256 page book from 1983- "History of Women's Bodybuilding", featuring about 500 photos of the sport's early stars. This in PDF form and is easily readable, as will be all of our future magazine reproductions.

2) Our Fall 1991 WPW print magazine with Rhonda Lundstedt on the cover. Articles include bios for Rhonda, Jan Harrell, D'Lynne Miller and Denise Rutkowski and contest coverage includes the 1991 Ms. International and Junior addition to the photos in the print magazine, about 800 more mostly never before seen black and white photos have been added.

3) Bios for two current women, with many color photos, for Carrie Simmons and Theresa Hendricks.

4) Our 'Where are You Now' features Leslie Barber, with color photos of her from 1982 and recently taken photos from 2006.

go to"

Barbie launches her Fitness Unarmed site!

Barbie launches her Fitness Unarmed site!
Barbie launches her Fitness Unarmed site!
Fitness Athlete Barbie Guerra launched her new site at:

Erinn Tilley

Erinn sent us these two shots of herself as she prepares for the Colorado Open Figure Championships on Nov. 4th. She's been featured here before so we wish her the best! Say hello to Erinn on our message boards too!

Betty Pariso is Athlete of the Year

Ben Weider awarded the Athlete of the Year award to Betty Pariso for her work in promoting the sport of bodybuilding and fitness, and for her efforts to grow women's bodybuilding. Betty not only competes, but is also a mother, wife and promoter of the Europa Supershow which has grown so much that they have had to move it into Dallas from Arlington, TX.

Congratulations to Betty!

Sacramento Pro drops pro figure, adds Pro women's bodybuilding!

Sacramento Pro drops pro figure, addspro women's bodybuilding!
Christine Roth
There is going to be a pro women's bodybuilding division at the IFBB Sacramento next year, Feb 24 2007. See

The official name change is now:


They will not be promoting pro figure at the event this year.

Wife Swap - From Heather Foster

"Hi Everyone!

The taping I did with my married friends Regina and Eric "Badlands" Booker (professional eater/rapper) for the reality show "Wife Swap" will be airing Monday night @ 8pm EST on ABC (Channel 7). I haven't seen the final cut, so I don't know what to expect. Also, it was not rehearsed, nor did I really know what I was supposed to be doing until just before the camera started filming. Anyway, I think you'll enjoy it. Many of you may have seen Eric on ESPN, etc., in the hot dog eating competitions.
He's a real cool, down to earth kinda' guy. Thank you all for the love and support you've given me!"

Healthfully Yours,

new competitor Laura Brown

We got this note from trainer Darla Benfield about a new client of hers - Laura Brown:

"I have been busy working with a newbie Laura Brown who has caputured 1st overall in fitness/figure at the WBFA in both Sacramento and Chico. She has earned a spot on Team USA and will be competing against the European team. We are also preparing her for the Sac NPC show in Nov and Excalibur in Dec. I see good things for her!"

NPC Anchorage, Alaska Show

NPC Anchorage, Alaska Show
We got this from Sandy Grant:

"Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all doing great! Just wanted to let y'all know, that I am scheduled to do a Guest Performance at the 2006 Anchorage, Alaska NPC Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships on
Oct. 14th Courtesy of

Also, I'm on the Poster for the 2006 NPC Seven Feathers Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships on Oct. 7th

And.....Check out these issues:

**October 2006 issue of Inronman Magazine page #261 (name mention, they actually printed the wrong name, but it was suppose to be my name)

**September 2006 issue of MuscleMag page #230

**September 2006 issue of Oxygen Magazine (NYC Pro Fitness contest updates) pages #140-141

Take Care!

Sandy Grant
IFBB Fitness Pro

Support Women's Bodybuilding t-shirts at the Olympia!

"Hey. This is Carolyn Bryant. Would you get the word out that Total Body Network will have t-shirts for the men for sale at the Olympia expo that say Support Women's Bodybuilding; I like my women swole and sexy. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the semi-annual award I give out at the Ms. International. Thanks so much. Feel free to give out the email address if people want to order shirts later."

Andrulla Blanchette

2000 Ms Olympia Lightweight winner, Andrulla Blanchette would like for all her fans to know that she is settled in England and doing just fine. She writes, " I would like to let fans know that I am in London and available to meet with (not for sessions) and personal training with .. I can also do massage.. my Uk phone number is +44 07791239366 from USA. 07791239366

"Fitness at Sea" Cruise

DALLAS, TX (August 21, 2006) - Premier Travel Consultants, a Dallas-based travel agency, has partnered with Carnival Cruise Lines, Al Hunter Enterprises, Bliss International and Etech Plus to host "Fitness at Sea," an exclusive cruise getaway to the Mexican Riviera for the health and fitness conscious.

"Fitness at Sea" is a distinctive cruise experience designed primarily for the health conscious that includes body builders, professional athletes, fitness trainers and health enthusiasts. This one-of-a-kind experience will offer inspiring fitness classes conducted by well-renown instructors including multi-world champion body builder, Betty Pariso. Other highlights include relaxing spa treatments for the mind, body and soul, nutritional food management classes, healthy cooking demonstrations of delectable delicacies, golf lessons from acclaimed instructors and courses on effectively managing personal finances. Additionally, cruise goers can still enjoy many of the Carnival Pride Ship’s many signature features that include a state-of-the-art fitness center, jogging trails, karaoke, casinos, deck-side pools, dancing and musical and theatrical entertainment.

The 7-day/6-night "Fitness at Sea" cruise will depart from Long Beach in Los Angeles, CA on April 15, 2007. The Carnival Pride ship is scheduled to port at three exquisite Mexican Riviera destinations: Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan, Mexico. Fares start as low as $595, so it is encouraged to book early to ensure a reservation on this premier cruise and to reserve one of the spectacular ocean view rooms. Please call 972-888-6086 or visit to register for the "Fitness at Sea" cruise or to request additional information.

Kim Bergman

Check out Kim Bergman who's looking great and ready to step on stage:

"I thought I'd update you with my current "look". I think a little improved and leaner than I was at the Jr.USA," she says...

We think she
looks great! Good Luck Kim!

Introducing Sarah Pawlicki - figure competitor

Hi! my name is Sarah Pawlicki. I began competing in Fugure competitions in 2005, thirteen months after I had my daughter Faith. My goal was always to come back from pregnancy and proove that I could get my body back and I did!

I won my first Figure compeition, taking not only first, but overall as well! This year I made the leap to Nationals competiing in the NY Team Universe and the USA's in Vegas. I did well for my first year competing nationally! I know what I have to do for next year and am actively pursuing success in the spring of next year! I also run an online training sight, and have invented a new piece of equipment. The Spider ball is about to become the new face of fitness! The patent is pending and we can't wait to get it out to the world! Thanks for your attention.

Sarah Pawlicki

Claudia Morales

A new up-and-coming female bodybuilder to look out for is Jersey girl Claudia Morales. Claudia recently won the heavyweights and overall at the 2006 Excalibur in Bridgewater, N.J. - her first ever bodybuilding show.

Claudia, who is 28 years-old and 5-foot-7 and 148 pounds in contest shape, has two pretty illustrious training partners - national-level competitors Elena Seiple and Heather Lee. “Being able to see them and train with them was an incredible motivation to push myself harder than I had before,” she says. “It gave me something to strive to and compete against, which I couldn’t do training mostly with men.”

Claudia plans on making her national-level debut at Junior Nationals next summer.

Top female bodybuilders in Virgin Mobile ringtone commercial!

Look out for the Virgin Mobile ringtone commercial featuring five top female bodybuilders – Lisa Aukland, Heather Foster, Colette Nelson, Lena Squarciafico-Sanchez and Elena Seiple - which is being shown on MTV right now!

The commercial, which was filmed in New York at the beginning of August, will be aired leading up to the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards on August 31. In the commercial, the five women - each representing one of the finalists in the ringtone of the year award - compete in a beauty pageant. They are all wearing bikinis and a sash with the name of the ring tone they represented (Elena was “Grillz” by Nelly, Heather was “Ms. New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx and Colette was "Gold Digger" by Kanye West).

All five of the women took time out from their contest prep to shoot the commercial. Lisa is getting ready for the Olympia, Colette and Heather were prepping for the Europa, Lena for North Americans, and Elena was getting ready for a strongwoman event in Poland and Nationals in November (luckily, there was a chef on the set who cooked whatever they needed!).

Lisa says it was great fun to do and will be positive exposure for women’s bodybuilding. “I still can't believe we did this!” she says.

MuscleMag again supports female bodybuilders - Debi Laszewski

Check out Debi Laszewski's multiple page spread in the October 2006 issue of MuscleMag International. Robert Kennedy's mag has been featuring a lot of female muscle including taking up Steve Wennestrom's column!

Former Ms. Olympia news

Quick updates... The only time there were two Ms. Olympias was when Andrulla Blanchette and Valentina Chepiga won it together as the classes were split up. Andrulla is back training some but also has some of her suits and such on auction at eBay now while Valentina is planning a comeback for the 2007 Olympia!

Annie Rivieccio poses down against James Cook

Annie Rivieccio poses down against James Cook
At the Embassy Suites in Las Vegas the Sunday after the 2006 NPC USAs there were two videographers shooting women and an impromptu posedown happened. Here we see IFBB Pro Annie Rivieccio out-muscle-ing James Cook of FTV.

Ms Fitness in Newsweek

It's nice to see advertisements using fit women. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is using Ms. Fitness USA champ Sarah Harding in their latest ad which ran nationally in Newsweek magazine! Who says muscular women aren't marketable?

Gay Games features women's bodybuilding

Chicago hosts the Gay Games of which bodybuilding is a part of. There are

many recognizable athletes competing and the Games are getting

International coverage. More at the Gay Games website


Sandy Grant on the radio today!

Hey Everyone!
Today I will be a phone guest on KJAG Radio Station to talk about my training, diet and latest column on!
They will be showcasing the interview on their network of syndicated stations after the interview is done. Also they will be airing the broadcast as a pod cast via I will send you a link to the program at your request so you can download it and listen to at your convience.
In recent weeks KJAG has interviewed IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Flex Wheeler, UFC Ref, John McCarthy and TNA Wrestling Star Lance Hoyt amoung other Bodybuilders as well as Ms. Olympia Dayana Cadeau .
KJAG will also have the interviews on as well. I will keep you posted.
Here's some information on the Radio Station:
James Lowe
*PD of KJAG The Attitude Radio Networks
*Host/Producer of The Jiggy Jaguar Show
*Owner and
Managing Editor of The Mic

New figure competitor - Irish Marie McCarthy

Hi there - I am fairly new to the competition scene and wanted to get in touch - here are my accomplishments so far!

2005 NABBA Ms Figure Championships, 2nd Place

2006 NPC Lehigh Valley Figure Championships, 2nd place Tall class


Irish Marie McCarthy

Behind the shot...

A photo by Thomas Oed ( of a shoot with Darla Benfield from last week.

Trading Spouses looking for bodybuilder moms!

"My name is Hedy Melamed and I am a casting director at FOX. I am currently looking for a dynamic body building mom for Fox's hit show "Trading Spouses." Couples need to be legally married and all children need to be above the age of six years old.

If you are not familiar with the show, it's a family oriented show that highlights various cultures and lifestyles of families across America.It's been compared to a "foreign exchange student program" for parents. It's aonce in a lifetime experience that is fun, educational and profitable. At the end of the seven-day shoot, each family will receive $50,000!

I am on a deadline, so if you know of one, can you please have them call me right away, they can ask for "Hedy" at (323) 802-0609 or they can email me

Also check out and click on the Trading Spouses icon for more information.

Hedy Melamed

Leigh Keess

Check out Leigh Keess from Canada who sent us this photo and info:

"Hi...I am a competitive bodybuilder from Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada. My most recent competition was the Saskatchewan 2006 Provincial Championships, where I placed 1st in Women's Grand Masters, 1st in Women's Middleweight, won Women's Overall, and also Best Female Poser."

Abbye Stockton - Los Angeles Times Obituary

We got a tip from Steve Wennestrom about an article in the LA Times about Muscle Beach legend Abbye Stockton aka Pudgy:

Wedding bells for Anne Sheehan

originally uploaded by hansk01.
Congratulations to national-level heavyweight bodybuilder Anne Sheehan, who got married to Darin Dudash, who also competes at the national level, on May 6th. She tells us after the ceremony they headed straight to the gym in their wedding gear and had their first kiss at the squat rack!

Anne is getting ready for the North Americans in Cleveland on September 15.

Arnold Classic adds amateur women's bodybuilding!

Arnold Classic adds amateur women's bodybuilding!
As well as fitness and figure - check out the full details on their site:

Jennifer Reece readies for Canadian Nationals

Here's a David Ford shot of Jennifer Reece who's getting ready to hit Edmonton for the Canadian Nationals in just a couple weeks. She's always been one of our faves and hopefully this will be her year.

Jessica Winkelhausen

Here's a photo of Jessica Winkelhausen who recently did her first fitness competition at the 2006 NPC Contra Costa. She's looking to make a splash on the fitness scene and will be shooting with us in the future. Look for more from Jessica!


Meredith made the top three on WDVE radio station in Pittsburgh as part of their Hot Mom contest. Friday she goes to the station where they will be doing a live podcast with the last three contestants for the
interview portion. After the live radio show, listeners are asked to vote on the last three contestants - we wish her the best so go tune in and watch it here (note broadcast is at 6am ET!)

Cathy Lefrancois to return to bodybuilding?

The rumor at the Cal was that she was going to get back on the competitive bodybuilding stage which would be great news. Cathy was always a great BB and hasn't fared as well in figure so hopefully the news is true!

Tara Scotti Afterparty!

Tara Scotti's Team Universe AfterParty is back! Check out the back of Tara's flyer which features photos from the party that we shot. We'll be back again this year for another good time. More info at:

Lenda Murray interview on Hard Body Radio

Check out Lenda's controversial interview that is archived on Hardbody Radio. You can check it out and listen online:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Dorothy Trojanowicz' New Look

'Former' female bodybuilder, Dorothy Trojanowicz send this new pic of her as a figure competitor. She included this note: " I would love for you to inform all my fans that right now oficially I am qualified for Jr Nationals In FIGURE! By winning Illinois Overall title in Figure. On the same stage 2 Years later after winning Overall in Bodybuilding { it was emmotional !}" We'll see you soon Dorothy. Good luck to you!

Melissa Dettwiller puts on the gloves 05/29/06

Melissa sent us this photo today - looks like she's coming along nicely for

the Jr Nationals!

Melissa Dettwiller preparing for the Jr Nationals

This is a pic of Melissa taken on the 17th of this month. She's about 153 lbs. in this pic

See more of Melissa on her site:

She's also in Planet Muscle Magazine this month!! It's the May 2006 issue page 138! I'm part of a contest presented by Planet Muscle Magazine & If you would like to support her , go here, look on the right side under VOTE FOR THE HOTTEST FITBOD! and then click on her name (halfway down in the left column) to vote for me.

Support AIDS and a buff blonde!

Raye Hollitt needs your help! Help support research to find a cure for AIDS and help out a buff blonde by donating to Raye Hollitt's AIDS Lifecycle! More at:

Vicki Combest

Vicki won her class at the Oregon Ironman last week and she sent us this

shot - congrats Vicki! Say hello to her on our message boards today.

Sharon Henderson FAME NQ

I first wanted to one thank you for such a great updated sight on shows and results and updated pictures. I love the fact that I know I can come to your site with in a day or so and see results of a national show with of course pictures . I wanted to contact you in regards to something I am really excited about - I have teamed up with Fame World Events to host the First Annual FAME National Qualifier competition here in Cincinnati .

This event is scheduled for August 12th 2006 at the Aronoff Jarson Kaplan Theatre 650 Walnut Street which is one of the largest venues in Downtown Cincinnati. We also plan to host a Fitness and Health Expo all day on the same day and location of the event. Our show will have a large range of categories to compete in such as Fitness, Figure, Bodybuilding (men and women) along with a model search for both male and female competitors.

The event will also play host to a major hip- hop dance exhibition from the Greater Cincinnati National Competitive Dancers.

FAME MIDWEST STATES COMPETITION AND EXPO will get National and Regional advertising and the winner will become a Professional with in the organization. {Find out more about Sharon}

Mercedes Khani

Mercedes just competed at the IFBB National Championships in Holland
and placed 2nd. She's also competing at the IFBB European Championships
in Figure in Italy in 2 weeks. Good luck to Mercedes who we first met at the Arnold Classic this year. You can see a few pix of her on our Arnold pages.

See more of Mercedes on her site:

Amazin' Grace

Thanks to Heather Lee for reminding us of this old school Garbage Pail Kid who was really pushing the limits of muscularity!

Lisa Mori

Lisa Mori is a protegee and training partner of new pro Dena Westerfield and willl be making her national-level debut at Masters Nationals this summer. 39 year-old Lisa of St. Louis, Missouri, is 5-foot-6 and about 168 pounds off season and 130 in contest shape. She started competing in 2001 and last year won the overall at the Caveman Classic and the overall and masters at the Missouri State, where she also won the coveted Kim Chizevsky "Extreme Conditioning Award". "Dena has helped me transform my body to a level I never thought possible," Lisa says. "Her drive inspires me to keep working towards developing my physique to the best I can be."

Brenda Smith on MTV!

As Hans Klein first reported on our forums: "Brenda Smith is going to be on the spring break edition of the MTV show 'Date my mom', where a teenage guy spends time with a girl's mom to find out all about her daughter."

Andrea Trent tears bicep

Training for the 2006 Jr Nationals Andrea Trent tore her bicep. This
happened the same weekend as the Arnold and has put a dent into her
prep. We'll keep you updated on her situation. Check out more about
Andrea on her own website.

Colette Nelson and Jitka Harazimova in AXE campaign

Colette Nelson and Jitka Harazimova have been featured in the national campaign for AXE. Unfortunately it's for 'questionable' hookups. I think everyone here would say that the only thing questionable about it would be how great was the hookup. Post your thoughts on our message boards!

New fitness babe - JulieAnn Kulla

"I love your site and always go there first for competition results and for added inspiration.

"My name is JulieAnn Kulla and I'm a Figure competitor from St. Paul, Minnesota. Please visit my website for more pictures and to learn a little more about me.

"I am 25 years old, 5'2", 108-110 off season and 102 contest season. In October of 2005 I placed second at my first Figure show, "The Northern States Natural". In November of 2005, I placed third at "The North Star". (Christine Bongiovanni's Show)

"I lead a very active lifestyle and consider the gym my second home. With all my hard work, I hope to qualify for nationals this year at the Mr./ Ms. Minnesota Competition.

"As for now, I'm enjoying the off season and kicking butt to bring an even better physique to 2006!"

Danielle Rouleau Nine weeks out!

We received these shots of Danielle who's looking tremendous preparing for the 2006 NPC Junior USA's in Charleston. Also, she'll be adding a fitness routine (working with Beth Horn) and competing in both figure and fitness at the Junior National's in Chicago. Good luck Danielle - from the looks of it, she's definitely on track!

New T-shirt Line from ICE of American Gladiators!

New T-shirt Line from ICE of American Gladiators!

"Hi Everyone, as you all know Sharon and I have been working very hard at creating a T-shirt line.

Well, we are very excited to say it is finally done and the web site is now launched! YAHH!!!

Please go and check out our new creations at

All the T-shirts are 100% cotton, softwashed for comfort, and on some of the shirt we have grinded the edges for that vintage worn look.

I believe you will all love them.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Lori "Ice" Fetrick

Ms. O back on the main stage for 2006!

Great news as the Ms. Olympia competition will be on the main stage this year. We encourage all fans to show their support for this positive move for women's bodybuilding!

Girl beats boys in state wrestling tournament!

In Alaska, Michaela Hutchison became the first girl in the US to win a state high school wrestling tournament competing against boys! Read more here.

Cathleen Kronemer!

originally uploaded by genexmagazine.
Introducing Cathleen Kronemer! "I live in St. Louis, MO, where I am an aerobics instructor and a microbiologist. Last year was my first competition season, at the age of 44! I was proud to take home 4 trophies, including a 1st-place from the Musclemania Regional in Collinsville, IL. Currently I am training hard for this upcoming season, as I transition from Figure to Bodybuilding. I would also like to branch out into fitness modeling. Please feel free to contact me at "

Virgin Superbuff campaign nominated for awards!

So female muscle can sell products to the mass media. Virgin Mobile has recently been honored by being nominated for some prominent British awards. The campain also showcases female bodybuilders and shows the magnetic attraction people have to them. Check out the campain here!

Rosa-Maria Romero

Rosa-Maria Romero
Rosa-Maria Romero,
originally uploaded by
Rosa-Maria Romero: "I recently won the Ms Figure Australia Overall title. I have now qualified for the World Championships in 2006 and am training hard for that as we speak. I have been competing in the sport since October 2003. I am also on the front cover of the December issue of Australian Iron Man as well as Muscle Science. Please visit for more info."

Jennifer Lynn Cowan

Jennifer Lynn Cowan
Jennifer Lynn Cowan,
originally uploaded by
"Jennifer Lynn Cowan: I am 24, live near Chicago and started competing in Figure shows this past May. Throughout my life I have always been an athlete. I actually wrestled, ran x-country and track in high school and was a scholarship track athlete in college. Once I graduated I had a big void in my life, I tried running a marathon (which just wasn't for me), then I found Figure shows. Like I said, May was my first show and I loved it. This past year I ended up competing in 4 shows and I have 3 lined up so far in 2006, starting with Junior Nationals. Watch out for me, I plan on making many heads turn! I can be contacted at Watch out for my website: coming soon!"

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