UK's Carmen Knights switches from Figure to Bodybuilding

We got sent this awesome shot of Carmen Knights who’s following the trend of switching from figure to bodybuilding and we think she is looking great as a bodybuilder. She is doing the Tampa Pro show which will be her BB debut. If you are going to the show, keep an eye out for her!

More about Carmen is posted on her website

(Thanks to Weider UK for the tip and photo!)

Crossfit athlete Apollonia "Polly" Helm featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

She is shown training and they have a quick profile on Apollonia "Polly" Helm who recently competed at the Crossfit championships in Santa Cruz, CA. You can read more about it here:

Always great to see more coverage of athletic women in mainstream media!

Kira Neuman shoot

So we shot with Kira this weekend. She’s one of our faves and we got some great sunlight at the end of the day. She and Aleesha Young also shot with Steve Schibelli of Awefilms and they got some great stuff!

2009 NPC USAs photo shoot previews

Kirsten Haratyk

Bonnie Pappas

A few from the shoots we did this weekend. Some shots of Michele Bigler (whom we shot at Masters Nationals as well), Bonnie Pappas and Kirsten Haratyk! James will be posting some of his shoots coming up too.

Melissa Dettwiller co-hostessing USAs House Party on Sunday!

Melissa loves video and her HD Flip cam.  She’s going to be co-hostessing the USAs House Party Sunday afternoon so look for invitations at the finals tonight.  We’ll be grilling up juicy meats, listening to chill beats, and enjoying the pool and muscle babes.  Undoubtedly we’ll be busting out our cameras and James will be doing a live “Buff Girls Gone Wild” broadcast on as well… stay tuned!

NPC USA weigh in photos!

So we made it out to the weigh ins to check out what was going on and it was quite the crowd there tonight. A few snaps we took of some of the competitors we came across:

Holly Geersen at the 2009 NPC USAs
Holly Geersen looking amazing!

Aleesha and Kira  at the 2009 NPC USAs
Aleesha Young and Kira Neuman are ready to enjoy Las Vegas!

2009 NPC USA weigh in
Rebecca Canez and Angie Robertson

Taylor Waldrop at the 2009 NPC USAs
Taylor Waldrop

Amber Defrancesco

Amber Defrancesco, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

We love, love, love Amber and she looked so hot at the Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals this past weekend. We got a lot of video and stills and are going to right here predict that if Amber hits her diet at Nationals she'll turn pro this year!

2009 Screwed Award winners announced!

Two years ago at the Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals we loved the giant screw art in the lobby of the Sheraton Station Square, the host hotel for the NPC contest and along with TomNine, awarded Kate Baird the first ever “Screwed Award”. Kate was sorely overlooked that year we felt and as such she was the inaugural winner. Since we did not do the award last year, we conferred with TomNine and this year have two award winners:

- Kim Winn: Kim looked fantastic and although she may not have been totally ripped, we still think she should have placed much higher and as such are awarding her one of the 2009 Screwed Awards

- Amy Sibcy: Sure Amy got third but, wow, she looked amazing at this show! We thought she could have won her class easily and saying that (even a pro card potentially) but it wasn’t how the results panned out and as such we’re giving her the second of the 2009 Screwed Awards.

the impressive Lauren LaPlante at weigh ins!

Toni West sneak peek photo from Pittsburgh

Here’s a quick sneak peek of our shoot with Toni West.  She’s got a great story that we’ll be doing a profile on soon and James got a great interview clip with her too.  Look out for a lot more on this great natural bodybuilder!

Vote for figure rising star Bre Mollman (we took the pix :) in the Ultimate Fitness Challenge (she's dreamy!)

Rising figure star and fitness model Bre Mollman is competing in the NxLabs® Ultimate Fitness Challenge, a physique-exhibition contest that emphasizes muscle tone over muscle size. You can vote for her here:

NxLabs® is offering participants a chance to register and track their progress in different categories against people from around the world.

Help Bre in the second round which she’s already in an forward this on to others. There’s a chance to win sponsorship and appear at the 2010 Arnold Classic as part of this competition!

Jen Carvalho gets back on stage!

We’ve shot with Jen in the past (when she was Jen Wiseman) and more recently after she had given birth to her baby.  She has been training and working with Debi Laszewski and recently got back on the bodybuilding stage.  Here’s a few pix she shared with us from that return to the stage!

KO all natural!

Here's a shot of KO in her favorite mode of dress - er - rather, undress. Don't worry this isn't NSFW although the full gallery is and thus won't be on the FTV site although we're giving you a sneak peek here...

Alexandra Porshnikoff at Orange Photography studios

We had a quick shoot with her today at the studio - here's a sneak peek from the shoot. She'll be competing at the upcoming NPC USAs and is ready to kick some butt in Vegas! She'll also be featured on Zivity where Gene X also has some of his work featured.

Sarah Dunlap shoot preview clip

Just posted a clip of Sarah getting ready for our shoot - check it out here!

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