BODIES the Exhibition

So I checked out the BODIES exhibit that's all over the world and it was
pretty cool. Some of the most ripped people you will see. Although
many physiques weren't as impressive as the physique athletes we see all
the time, it was really neat to see what's under the skin. There were
some cool cutaways of bodies and my favorite may have been the shelf
guy, but I think there are different people at each exhibit. Definitely
worth checking out if you are into the human body!

Kris Murell and Kristy Hawkins

Kris and Kristy are both down in SoCal doing shoots after Nationals.

Kristy also told us that she'll be shooting together with Britt Miller with
Bill Dobbins so look for those photos as well.

Buff Dara Torres in the New York Times: Torres Is Getting Older, but Swimming Faster

dara torress abs

SPORTS | November 19, 2007

Torres Is Getting Older, but Swimming Faster
A nine-time Olympic medalist, Dara Torres trains on the cutting edge so that her personal pharmacy does not have to be.

FitVidz webcam system live!

Kim Birtch is one of the many popular female bodybuilders from around the
world that are currently live on the latest incarnation of the webcam system
that we launched last month -

Check out the site now to see who's on and feel free to recommend any
performers who you think might like to be online, and now we also have some
live feeds from Gene X's studio shoots when possible so if there's anyone or
anything you want to check out, please let us know!

Monica Brennan in SOMA

Monica Brennan was in San Francisco and we did a little shoot down in a
few alleys in SOMA - this is one of the shots from the shoot. Female
Bodybuilder Amy Schmid was also in town so look for some candids from
her visit on the web site soon!

Amy Schmid in San Francisco

I was surprised to get a text message from National level bodybuilder Amy
Schmid who was in town with a friend on vacation. We managed to all three
get together for drinks and such Saturday night. A few pix from the night

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