Becca Swanson's new video!

World Champion powerlifter Becca Swanson (her FTV profile) is trying to raise money to go to Finland for a meet. She has a new promotional video for sale on her site that was professionally edited by students that are doing a documentary on her. Check it out and support Becca by purchasing a copy today!

Autumn Raby

2005 Overall Canadian Bodybuilding Champion Autumn Raby just updated us with what's been going on with her: "I am so busy is an awesome thing. I just became a sponsored athlete/rep for Sportlab and am working on a clothing line rep deal. My was just launched today. is coming within the next few days. And then the emails.

Holy crap there is a lot of love out there!!! I am still so very happy and in the clouds somewhere.

As for competing, I have a guest posing in November at Sandra Wickhams show. I will also be introducing my sponsors at this show as well. I am hoping for an invite to the Arnolds so... maybe that one??? Busy year ahead of me...and I am ready for that"

CB Suit Designs:

CB Suit Designs: offers custom suit creation for figure fitness and bodybuilding, you dream it we can create it..we offer a variety of styles for suits with stones, fabrics, sequins, grommets, and fringe, we offer accessories to match all the way down to your shoes! From stone sprays to totally encrusted suits! Also we offer standard size suits sml in stoned, and blanks. We have special additions to these suits for slip proof surfaces to the skin, a new way to keep cups from sliding, and fun promo items to boot..and not only do we offer a great product..we have a partnership with world renowned trainer of champions Charles Glass, and national level bodybuilding competitor Brenda (Bee) Smith..years of experience applied to the design of just the right fit for your body!! Stop by our booth at the Olympia 2005 and get a cb suit design shaker bottle and look at the shirts, etcs...cant miss us everything is in black and my pink!!! for questions or ordering contact:, or (310) 462-4118

Sarah Dunlap readies for Charlotte Pro!

Here's a shot from this weekend that Sarah sent us. She's at 150 lbs. now and wants to step on stage at the Charlotte Pro at 140.

Sarah tells us she is feeling great and should show up in her best shape to

Nicole Ball off-season

After the 2005 Canadian Nationals wrapped up we heard from 2004 Middleweight Canadian champion Nicole Ball who's been hitting the weights as usual, but took 2005 off. She's psyched up and promises to bring an even better package in 2006. We know how good she can look so we can't wait to see what Ball brings to Saskatoon next year!

LC in Ironman!

LC Laura COleman You may have seen LC (aka Laura Coleman) on FTWebcam. She's also featured in this month's issue of Ironman Magazine on the newsstands now. Also check out Amy Peters in this month's Planet Muscle Magazine - and vote for her online!

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