Ruth Silverman Blog

Ruth told us about her blog on IronMan's website. Check it out here:

She'll have some insights and commentary on the sport from her

Figure/Bodybuilder Allison Schlegel in Iraq

Allison is a soldier serving in Iraq and a fan of the site. She's going to
try to get on the boards to say hello but of course has other duties that
are more pressing most of the time out there.

"I am currently in Iraq at the moment and will be here until April/May time
frame. However I will be getting leave in February. I was going to try and
find a show then. I'm preparing for one now that will take place here in
Baghdad in late September/early October."

- SPC Allison C. Schlegel

Dorothy Trojanowicz in Muscular Development!

Dorothy told us that she’s in the current issue of MD which is doing a great job of covering the women. Probably the best newsstand mag right now doing that so we want to shout out our appreciation. Here’s what she told us:

“Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share with You all my Joy of being futured in current Muscular Development magazine , August 2007 issue , page 362- "Femme Physique" column by Steve Wennerstorm !

WoW! I could not get better reward this year! I am so happy !

Dreams do come true ! You just do not know, when it will happen!

I really did not have to wait that long after being nationally recognized as of 2005 , At Chicago's Jr Nationals 5th LHW finisher in bb , then year later I decided to switch to Figure , placed 15 th frist time in Figure division 2006 , was 13 in NY- Figure Nationals , and now I enjoy my 7th place on Jr Nationals figure 2007 ! Yey!'

I did not place in NY 2007 { month after JR Nat's } but, I am very pleased with my current career movement as a Figure athlete and model, and I will take my sweet time to show up next Year In Chicago again to fight for top 5 in Figure and continue climbing up !

I love the sport so much!!!

Please check my website for all my pictures , full lenght videos ,blogs and mamny more exclusive members only futures!

Thank You all My FANS for Your KIND SUPPORT !

Dorothy- buffpam

Champ Camp with Chastity Slone!

Chastity SloneHi
Everyone this is Chastity Slone I
wanted to let you know about a lifestyle makeover seminar called Champ
Camp that Valerie Waugaman and I are hosting in Boulder, Colorado. As
these camps tend to fill up fast we wanted to get the word out to our
competition friends first. This one day and three day Camp will be a
perfect get away for anyone wishing to enjoy an action-packed weekend
of health, fitness, wellness and new friendships in a beautiful

Please help
us out by sending this to 10 of your friends or peers you
think might really enjoy a weekend like this. Please then ask them to
do the same. We do offer a buddy discount for you and a friend. Have a
wonderful summer and thank you greatly for your help!

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