Figure/Bodybuilder Allison Schlegel in Iraq

Allison is a soldier serving in Iraq and a fan of the site. She's going to
try to get on the boards to say hello but of course has other duties that
are more pressing most of the time out there.

"I am currently in Iraq at the moment and will be here until April/May time
frame. However I will be getting leave in February. I was going to try and
find a show then. I'm preparing for one now that will take place here in
Baghdad in late September/early October."

- SPC Allison C. Schlegel

3 Response to "Figure/Bodybuilder Allison Schlegel in Iraq"

  1. Lia Halsall says:

    Allison certainly isn't alone. Although I'm not currently deployed I'm also a figure competitor in the defence force. :o)

    Tracy says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Tracy says:

    that's my sister! she wpn her competition over there in iraq!

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