Dorothy Trojanowicz in Muscular Development!

Dorothy told us that she’s in the current issue of MD which is doing a great job of covering the women. Probably the best newsstand mag right now doing that so we want to shout out our appreciation. Here’s what she told us:

“Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share with You all my Joy of being futured in current Muscular Development magazine , August 2007 issue , page 362- "Femme Physique" column by Steve Wennerstorm !

WoW! I could not get better reward this year! I am so happy !

Dreams do come true ! You just do not know, when it will happen!

I really did not have to wait that long after being nationally recognized as of 2005 , At Chicago's Jr Nationals 5th LHW finisher in bb , then year later I decided to switch to Figure , placed 15 th frist time in Figure division 2006 , was 13 in NY- Figure Nationals , and now I enjoy my 7th place on Jr Nationals figure 2007 ! Yey!'

I did not place in NY 2007 { month after JR Nat's } but, I am very pleased with my current career movement as a Figure athlete and model, and I will take my sweet time to show up next Year In Chicago again to fight for top 5 in Figure and continue climbing up !

I love the sport so much!!!

Please check my website for all my pictures , full lenght videos ,blogs and mamny more exclusive members only futures!

Thank You all My FANS for Your KIND SUPPORT !

Dorothy- buffpam

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