James Cook Show: Episode 08

James Cook Show : EP08. (Created Dec. 21, 2009) Interview with new fitvixenz.com webcam performer, Vanessa Brun. Previews from the latest GeneX photos including: Lisa Giesbrecht, Sarah Hayes and Cheryl Faust. Also video previews from the Webcam Physique Extravaganza, Skadi Frei Seifert and Maria Luque. www.10flex.com

Guess who - some impressive quads from 2009 NPC Nationals

You’ll be seeing more of her on our site soon!



Happy Thanksgiving everyone - here's a shot of Nekole Hamrick for ya!

Nekole always brings in a fantastic aesthetic package and this year at the 2009 NPC Nationals was no different.  Her posing is also quite graceful so during our shoot I had her do one of the poses she included in her routine.

Cheryl Faust in genex magazine

We've shot with Cheryl Faust before at the Arnold but she has really been hitting the gym hard and we though she was one of the standout physiques in the though light heavyweight class at the 2009 NPC Nationals. Cheryl placed sixth and definitely looked fantastic for our shoot Sunday morning. Look for more on this great female bodybuilder on the http://www.genexmagazine.com and http://www.ftvideo.com websites.

James Cook Show Episode 06

James Cook Show EP 06, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

The James Cook Show: Episode 06. Todays show focuses on the Webcam Physique Extravaganza (WPE), an online physique competition that will happen on Nov. 19, 2009 at 10flex.com/live. Interview with one of the competitors appearing at the WPE, Kira Neuman. Highlights from the FTVideo member updates features; Mah-Ann Mendoza, Kristen Warner and Jamie Troxel. http://tr.im/F9cq

Webcam Physique Extravaganza

I'd like to invite everyone out to the 2009 Webcam Physique Extravaganza on Thursday November 19. 2009 Beginning at 6:00pm est.

This is the first of it's kind. A live, online physique competition where the viewer votes on their favorite. Realtime, detailed stats on each competitor. No height classes or weight classes. Scheduled to compete: Kira Neuman, Andrea Giacomi and Deanna Harvick! More details at www.10flex.com/live

James Cook Show: EP05

James Cook Show: EP05, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

James Cook Show : Episode 05. Announcement of a live online physique competition called the Webcam Physique Extravaganza. Interview with Rachael McMillian as she prepares for the 2009 NPC Nationals in Florida. FTVideo.com member update highlights with HD video from Bonnie Pappas, Michele Bigler and Yahara Agosto. More info at www.10flex.com. See episode HERE

James Cook Show: EP04

James Cook Show: EP04, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

James Cook Show: Episode 4. Interview with new IFBB Pro Alina Popa with scenes from her newest video shoot with Annie Rivieccio in the gym. Also info on the latest profile at GeneX Magazine with FBB, Jamie Troxel. FTVideo.com members update highlights for this week with Merle Mohr, Judy Gallard and Toni West. www.10flex.com EPISODE LINK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G2I7s_PYOI

Jamie Troxel Profile Posted

Jamie Troxel, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

Interview with IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Jamie Troxel. Free video and photo samples. http://tr.im/DAyk

James Cook Show EP03 Now Posted

James Cook Show:EP03, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

www.youtube.com/ftvideo ..Interview with Carmella Cureton and highlights from the live strength and wrestling show she did with fellow pro bodybuilder, Kim Buck is now available for viewing at youtube.. Also info on new profile posted at GeneX Magazine of Alaskain powerlifeter Jill Darling. Finally, highlights from the ftvideo members updates for this week featuring: Kira Neuman, Kirsten Haratyk, Kourtney Olsen (KO) and Alisha Morrow. More show info and subscription to podcast links at www.10flex.com

Jill Darling Profile Posted

Jill Darling, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Profile posted of Alaskan powerlifter, Jill Darling at www.genexmagazine.com. Read the Q and A by GeneX and more of her photos! Profile Link: http://tr.im/Csru

2009 Ms Olympia Video Re-posted

Reposted the HD Ms Olympia video at GeneX Magazine. Take a look if you have not seen it. Also have contest pix and results: http://tr.im/CdA0

James Cook Show - Episode 2

JCS_EP02, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

The Latest episode is now posted at Youtube (in HD!) http://tr.im/BW8M
This week we feature an interview with IFBB Pro legend, Nancy Lewis as she answers the question: Are female bodybuilders athletes or beauty contestants? Then we switch gears with video highlights from the 2009 Canadian Nationals photo and video shoots. Featuring Wendy McMaster, Maria Mikola, Mary Lynn Mackenzie, Lisa Geisbriect and Lyris Cappelle. See all our links at www.10flex.com

anyone else think seeing abs through a dress is hot?

Here’s Monica Brennan who’s competing this weekend from a shoot we did today in San Francisco.

Nancy Lewis Profile

nancy Lewis, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

Bodybuilding legend Nancy Lewis is back! Check out this QandQ with Hans. Free video/photo gallery and interview too! http://tr.im/B2Fh

business card showdown - Tina vs. Kira

Let me know which design you all like best of Tina Chandler (horizontal) or Kira Neuman (vertical)

Heather and Kristy

We got to shoot with three of the female bodybuilders competing in the Olympia and we already posted a teaser of the shot of Tina Chandler, so here's a look at Heather Armbrust and Kristy Hawkins - enjoy!

Heather Armbrust (above)
Kristy Hawkins (below)

Jamie Troxel

Jamie Troxel, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

Still trying to get caught up on all this recent traveling, but had to share
a pic of Jamie Troxel from Atlantic City. Super nice girl and a joy to work

Maria Luque from the Olympia Weekend

During the 'Meet the Olympians' in Las Vegas last weekend I spotted this
cute girl with some pretty awesome tattoos. Her name is Maria Luque and she
is originally from Germany but moved to Texas. Never did a photoshoot
before but I found her to be very photogenic. (I'm such a sucker for tough
musclegirls with tattoos though!) Hers had a very good design. ~James

A few Olympia candids...

Here’s a few snaps from our arrival at the Orleans – see if you can guess who this female bodybuilder is!

The two ladies accompanying promoter extraordinaire Jon Lindsay are Sasha Porshnikoff (left) and her friend Sasha Brown. Who wouldn’t wanna be in that Sasha-sandwich?! Download Sasha’s wallpaper we shot on the bodybuilding.com website too!

sneak peek photo from our shoot with @Aubriericheson today!

We landed here in Las Vegas for the 2009 Olympia weekend and our first shoot was with Aubrie Richeson. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the shots from the shoot – stay tuned to our twitter account to get more updates throughout the weekend!

2009 Canadian Bodybuilding National Champion Lyris Cappelle

Just wanted to share this shot from our shoot – we got some incredible stills and motion photography with Lyris who is not only a great bodybuilder but also a fantastic model!

Look out for Lisa Giesbrecht - another greate figure to bodybuilding switchover!

We first heard about Lisa Giesbrecht from Steve Wennestrom who may be featuring her in Ironman magazine soon so keep an eye out for this stunner. Lisa used to compete in figure but after coming in ripped at every show, she decided to make the jump to bodybuilding and displayed an incredible and ripped physique at the 2009 Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals. Another successful crossover athlete and that’s something we’re happy to see.

2009 Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals prejudging

Well it looks like it’s going to be a pretty impressive fight for the Pro Cards this weekend. The Masters and open classes were really impressive and lots of tough competition. The MWs only had three athletes, but there were 18 in the HWs.

Full gallery of pix from prejudging are posted here.

Tracy Beckham on E! Entertainment THS Female Bodybuilders


We got this from Tracy Beckham - check it out and let us know what you think!


    I hope you are doing well.

    I'm on the TV Show E! Entertainment THS (true hollywood stories)
    Female Bodybuilders.

    The show airs again tonight Aug. 20th at 6 pm (Pacific time), Aug.
    21 at 9 pm, and Aug.25 at 6 pm.

    I hope you can watch it!

    Best to you always....and keep on training!

    Tracy Beckham
    Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Specialist
    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

one more KO preview pic from her photos/videos in Vegas!

Just a teaser – James shot some more great video out in the HEAT with KO!

LaDawn McDay

A new competitor who impressed a lot of people at the USA two weeks ago was LaDawn McDay, who at 5-foot-4 and 139 pounds placed third in the light-heavyweights - the toughest class in the show. LaDawn is a 35 year-old Detroit schoolteacher who actually trains at the same Powerhouse Gym in Highland Park, Mich., where eight-time Ms. O Lenda Murray began her bodybuilding career. "Lenda Murray is a great inspiration to me," she says. She has been competing in shows in Michigan since 2004 and placed sixth in the heavyweights at the North Americans - her first-national level show - last year.

LaDawn teaches 8-10 year-olds who she says are very supportive of her being a bodybuilder. "During pre-contest, they make sure that I eat my meals or drink my shakes on time," she says. "In fact, they enjoy bragging that their teacher has muscles. Many of the young girls see me as a role model and aspire to get in shape and want to know more about my eating and training routines. I use bodybuilding as a tool to educate my students on living a healthier lifestyle." LaDawn plans to do the North Americans again on August 29. She will also be guest posing at the John Simmons Bodybuilding Classic in Detroit on September 12.

iPhone videos abound! (this one's with Sarah Dunlap)

We’ve noticed a lot more video clips now that the new iPhone 3G-S is out. We’ve uploaded a few clips from Jr Nationals, Teen, Collegiate, Masters and USAs in the past three months and I was just forwarded this clip of Sarah Dunlap taken with one too. Keep your eyes out – there will be a ton more video everywhere as iPhones and DSLRs get used more and more to take video.

UK's Carmen Knights switches from Figure to Bodybuilding

We got sent this awesome shot of Carmen Knights who’s following the trend of switching from figure to bodybuilding and we think she is looking great as a bodybuilder. She is doing the Tampa Pro show which will be her BB debut. If you are going to the show, keep an eye out for her!

More about Carmen is posted on her website

(Thanks to Weider UK for the tip and photo!)

Crossfit athlete Apollonia "Polly" Helm featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

She is shown training and they have a quick profile on Apollonia "Polly" Helm who recently competed at the Crossfit championships in Santa Cruz, CA. You can read more about it here:


Always great to see more coverage of athletic women in mainstream media!

Kira Neuman shoot

So we shot with Kira this weekend. She’s one of our faves and we got some great sunlight at the end of the day. She and Aleesha Young also shot with Steve Schibelli of Awefilms and they got some great stuff!

2009 NPC USAs photo shoot previews

Kirsten Haratyk

Bonnie Pappas

A few from the shoots we did this weekend. Some shots of Michele Bigler (whom we shot at Masters Nationals as well), Bonnie Pappas and Kirsten Haratyk! James will be posting some of his shoots coming up too.

Melissa Dettwiller co-hostessing USAs House Party on Sunday!

Melissa loves video and her HD Flip cam.  She’s going to be co-hostessing the USAs House Party Sunday afternoon so look for invitations at the finals tonight.  We’ll be grilling up juicy meats, listening to chill beats, and enjoying the pool and muscle babes.  Undoubtedly we’ll be busting out our cameras and James will be doing a live “Buff Girls Gone Wild” broadcast on http://www.fitvixenz.com as well… stay tuned!

NPC USA weigh in photos!

So we made it out to the weigh ins to check out what was going on and it was quite the crowd there tonight. A few snaps we took of some of the competitors we came across:

Holly Geersen at the 2009 NPC USAs
Holly Geersen looking amazing!

Aleesha and Kira  at the 2009 NPC USAs
Aleesha Young and Kira Neuman are ready to enjoy Las Vegas!

2009 NPC USA weigh in
Rebecca Canez and Angie Robertson

Taylor Waldrop at the 2009 NPC USAs
Taylor Waldrop

Amber Defrancesco

Amber Defrancesco, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

We love, love, love Amber and she looked so hot at the Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals this past weekend. We got a lot of video and stills and are going to right here predict that if Amber hits her diet at Nationals she'll turn pro this year!

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