Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan wanted for murder?

The Las Vegas Review-Journal and many other media outlets have reported that the couple is wanted in connection with a death of a woman in Nevada. Read the story here.

UPDATE: Craig and Kelly ha
ve been captured and will be held until an extradition hearing which will probably happen next week. More on the case...

Brenda Smith on Jones Soda?

Check her out on the label - we think she'd be quite compelling on a label - go ahead and vote so we can see some female muscle in stores and soda bottles near you!

Tara Scotti on Fear Factor!

I was recently told that the Fear Factor episode I filmed last summer was picked to be the season premiere for the upcoming season. So I just wanted to let everyone in my mailbox know about it because people are always asking me when it is going to air.

It is going to be on this Tuesday Dec 6th, at 8 PM. That might be different depending on what time zone are in. So check your local listings if you want to check it out. It is a special edition episode called "Heist Fear Factor " and my brother was my teammate for it. Should be really fun. I have a feeling they edited the show to make me look like a crazy NYer. But who knows.

- Tara Scotti

Ilta Sanomat showcases Becca Swanson!

Finland's major newspaper Ilta Sanomat ran a huge photo you first saw here in a recent issue showcasing Becca Swanson who was competing in Europe recently.

We saw the issue and it's appropriately large sized for Becca's awesome accomplishments. Of course we can't quite read the article!

Stacey Golas is two for two!

Stacey Keller-Golas did her 2nd show and got her 2nd win at the Gold's Classic taking 1st place in the women's heavyweight division as well as being the overall winner. Congrats to Stacey! Read her profile from four years ago and check out her progress.

Halloween muscle in Sacramento!

Check out Rhonda Riley and Gina Camacho with their friend out at the Exotic Zone ball in Sacramento for Halloween - now those are what we call great Halloween costumes!

Catherine Sanson-van Nederveen goes to Africa

Here's a few pix from Africa - I have tons of amazing pics even with elephants, Maasai and Samburu tribes. It was an incredible, eye opening experience in Kenya. I spent 5 weeks on Safari to Ambroseli, Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Samburu, Tsavo... I would love to share the photos with you someday soon.

In the meantime, I have relocated permanently to Los Angeles. I have a new PO Box - it is PO Box 5381 Santa Monica CA 90409

I am available for work in printwork or television opportunities. I am ready and remain in great shape.

Stephanie Middleton

originally uploaded by genexmagazine.
Birthdates: April 15, Place of Birth: Lynchburg, VA,Current City and State residence: Desoto, Texas /Profession: Account Executive / Height 5'4 /On Season: 125 / Off Season: 115 / What sport Activities did you like before weight training? I ran track in High School and College. I ran the 100 and 200 yard dash and the 440 and 880 relay. What was your first contest like? My first contest was the 2004 Ronnie Coleman Classic and I was very nervous because I never done anything like that before, but overall it gave me a rush, because I am a very competitive person. Have you always wanted to compete? At first I did not, but I saw my first body building show with my husband and I saw the competitors and said to myself. I have a great physique so I enter my first Figure Show in 2004. Contest History: 2004 Ronnie Coleman Classic I came in 2nd place and the 2005 Jr. Nationals in Chicago I came in 16th place Please describe your typical day? A typical day for me, I get up in the morning at 5:30am to get ready to go to the gym. I try to get there no later than 6:30am. I would do at least 30 mins of cardio(off season and competition time I would do at least 1 hour) I would train with my trainer at least 3 time a week. After work out I would get ready for work between 9:00am to 5p.m. I would pick up my daughter from school and take her to gymnastic. Then I would come home and relax. How often do you train? On the off season I work out 5 days a week and Competition time I will work out 6 days a week. Plans for 2006: My plans for 2006 I will continue to develop my physique. I will competite in at least 3 to 4 show a year and one day I will earn my pro card in the Figure Division. I would also like to project a positive image with the nutrition companies and fitness magazine. Email:

Izabella Hochkeppel

Izabella Hochkeppel
Izabella Hochkeppel,
originally uploaded by genexmagazine.
My name is Izabella and I grew up in Warsaw, Poland. I attended the University of Warsaw where I received a bachelor's degree in Journalism and English Literature and a minor in Dance. Ever since I remember, sports and fitness have always been a big part of my life. I grew up in a family of professional athletes. My mom and dad were competitive figure skaters so from a very early age I became regular at the Warsaw Ice Skating Rink where I was watching my parents perform on the ice. I got my first pair of skates when I was only four and soon started competing in various national venues. Unfortunately, a severe knee injury prevented me from pursuing my life passion and dream of becoming a World Champion. However, this did not stop me from seeking other forms of expressing myself through art. Thanks to encouragement of my mother, I enrolled in a modeling school and soon I was taking on local modeling jobs and attending modeling conventions. Slender and tall at 5'10", with baby blue eyes and wavy dark brown hair, I strutted down the catwalks for various designers not only in my native Poland but also in France, Italy and Spain. I briefly moved back to Warsaw to finish my degree and shortly after graduation I left for New York where I have been residing ever since. Apart from being a fitness model, currently I also work as a wardrobe stylist and a fashion consultant. I am also a certified trainer and aerobics and spin instructor. I teach classes in various gyms in NYC as well as provide private personal training sessions. I enjoy helping my clients achieve their goals in staying fit and healthy. My life is focused on promoting fitness and good health. With my knowledge, experience, motivation and positive energy, I want to help people stay fit and achieve total wellness.

My Stats: Height: 5'10" Weight: 140 lbs Bust: 34 C Waist: 28 Hips: 38 Foot: Size 9 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Blue So stay tuned and enjoy my site-----there is a lot more Izabella to come:

Dena Westerfield on track for Nationals!

We got an update from Dena Westerfield on her prep for Nationals and she's looking incredible! Look for Hans' preview on Nationals that will appear in the magazine shortly!

Stacey Golas wins MWs!

Straight from Stacey: "Well one down two more to go :) I took 1st in the Middle Weights at the 2005 SJ Show this past weekend on the 15th. Here are some photo's I was sent. What do you think? I plan to look even better, harder and leaner for my show on the 29th at the Gold's Classic. Wish me luck!"

Sandra Probert wins!

From Stephen, Sandra's husband we have great news:

"Sandra came first and qualified for the finals in France on 11-12 November! I will be sure to let you know how she does then. Thanks for your interest, and for putting Sandra on your main site!!! "

Pia Johnsen

Pia's been back in Norway so you may not have seen much of her lately, but here's a recent pic she just sent us. Pia promises to be back in the states in March of 2006 and we already have a shoot planned!

Lennart Bergstrom and the Universe

Lennart Bergstrom and the Universe

We're pleased to welcome Lennart Bergstrom to our forums and introduce him to the rest of you all. Lennart is a Dane who's been photographing in Europe for a while and who we met at the Worlds last year. Here's a shot of his from the NABBA Universe earlier this month in England!

Nancy Lewis' letter to the IFBB

We've posted the full letter in our message boards - check it out here.

The Performance Nutrition Talk Radio Show to Debut at the Olympia in Las Vegas!

October 11, 2005 Fort Lauderdale FL - For Immediate Release: Jose Antonio, Ph.D. has signed on to host "The Performance Nutrition Show", a one-hour weekly internet radio broadcast in which he will team up with co-host Carla Sanchez, CSCS, a world-class fitness competitor, and fitness and figure coach of the Performance Ready Team ( A leading research advocate in the field of performance nutrition, Dr. Antonio currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the International Society of Sports Nutrition ( The program will explore the latest sports nutrition science as well as real-world training and dieting techniques for those with an appetite for cutting-edge information delivered in a practical format. The inaugural show will broadcast live (audio and video feed live; go to from the exhibit booth at the Olympia in Las Vegas NV on October 15, 2005 at 12 noon (Las Vegas time). For more information, contact Dr. Jose Antonio at The show is co-produced by Dan Solomon, creator of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly - talk radio for bodybuilding fans, presented by “The Performance Nutrition Show” series will subsequently commence in January of 2006.

WPI makes a splash

So the WPI has info up on their site now and will also be sponsoring an Olympia Afterparty at Seven on Saturday night.

Magda Lipinska

Here's a great find by our friend British Strongwoman Hanne Bingle who wrote to us:

"Please have a look at my friend Magda Lipinska (once from Poland, but having lived in London for 7 years). Magda competed in the British Finales in figure last weekend and placed 4th in a hard class of 14! It is Magda's first year of competing so I am so proud of her."

From the looks of it Magda's got a great future ahead of her!

Becca Swanson's new video!

World Champion powerlifter Becca Swanson (her FTV profile) is trying to raise money to go to Finland for a meet. She has a new promotional video for sale on her site that was professionally edited by students that are doing a documentary on her. Check it out and support Becca by purchasing a copy today!

Autumn Raby

2005 Overall Canadian Bodybuilding Champion Autumn Raby just updated us with what's been going on with her: "I am so busy is an awesome thing. I just became a sponsored athlete/rep for Sportlab and am working on a clothing line rep deal. My was just launched today. is coming within the next few days. And then the emails.

Holy crap there is a lot of love out there!!! I am still so very happy and in the clouds somewhere.

As for competing, I have a guest posing in November at Sandra Wickhams show. I will also be introducing my sponsors at this show as well. I am hoping for an invite to the Arnolds so... maybe that one??? Busy year ahead of me...and I am ready for that"

CB Suit Designs:

CB Suit Designs: offers custom suit creation for figure fitness and bodybuilding, you dream it we can create it..we offer a variety of styles for suits with stones, fabrics, sequins, grommets, and fringe, we offer accessories to match all the way down to your shoes! From stone sprays to totally encrusted suits! Also we offer standard size suits sml in stoned, and blanks. We have special additions to these suits for slip proof surfaces to the skin, a new way to keep cups from sliding, and fun promo items to boot..and not only do we offer a great product..we have a partnership with world renowned trainer of champions Charles Glass, and national level bodybuilding competitor Brenda (Bee) Smith..years of experience applied to the design of just the right fit for your body!! Stop by our booth at the Olympia 2005 and get a cb suit design shaker bottle and look at the shirts, etcs...cant miss us everything is in black and my pink!!! for questions or ordering contact:, or (310) 462-4118

Sarah Dunlap readies for Charlotte Pro!

Here's a shot from this weekend that Sarah sent us. She's at 150 lbs. now and wants to step on stage at the Charlotte Pro at 140.

Sarah tells us she is feeling great and should show up in her best shape to

Nicole Ball off-season

After the 2005 Canadian Nationals wrapped up we heard from 2004 Middleweight Canadian champion Nicole Ball who's been hitting the weights as usual, but took 2005 off. She's psyched up and promises to bring an even better package in 2006. We know how good she can look so we can't wait to see what Ball brings to Saskatoon next year!

LC in Ironman!

LC Laura COleman You may have seen LC (aka Laura Coleman) on FTWebcam. She's also featured in this month's issue of Ironman Magazine on the newsstands now. Also check out Amy Peters in this month's Planet Muscle Magazine - and vote for her online!

LA Law, Halcyon Duarte style

In the 1980s there was a TV show called LA Law that had all kinds of great looking people playing lawyers and now we've got one of the hottest rising figure stars Halcyon Duarte going to law school in Southern California. You may not see her on stage in the next several months while she hits the books but the next time you are in court, if you find yourself distracted it might
be because of Halcy!

Jessica Nabinger

Fitness competitor Jessica Nabinger would like to introduce herself. Enjoy the photos and check out her website!
"I'm attaching a few photos from July. I was getting ready to compete at Team Universe in Fitness. I finished 6th place, but I was most pleased with my 2nd place out of 15 girls in the one-piece (4th in the two piece). I have not posted these photos on my own personal site yet. I'm getting ready now for a guest performance at the Northern Classic in Tacoma and then Nationals in Atlanta." - Jessica Nabinger/NPC Fitness Competitor/

Amy Schmid wins at the Motor City!

Amy Schmid wins at the Motor City!
Amy Schmid is a hot new face on the bodybuilding scene and last week she won the Motor City championships and is on her way to the North Americans. Look for more of Amy as she's a rising star in the sport.

Kim Birtch readies for Canadian Nationals

Kim Birtch readies for Canadian Nationals

Check out this shot that Kim sent us. While it isn't her at three weeks out, she still looks amazing and is yet another example of a beautiful female bodybuilder. Good luck to Kim as she gets ready for the last few weeks before Canadian Nationals!

Misty Green by James Cook

Misty Green by James Cook

Misty Green by James Cook - Courtesy of the cameraphone

My New Web Site ""

I want to thank Simon and the rest of the crew at for designing and putting my very first personal site up. There is a Gallery section, a new VIP section too. Also, I have a special articles section that will include training tips and workout photos and, of course there is my very own One-on-One Personal Training area: "Behind The Iron." Not to mention a links page of all my friends. I will be officially launching my web site as one of the sponsors for the 2005 New Brunswick Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships. So, don't waste any time check my new web site out at

Behind the scenes...

Jody May

Check back later this week. We're going to post a photoreport from the Tara Scotti Afterparty from the Team U this past weekend! Here's a shot by Andy of Andys Muscle Goddesses from the USAs in Vegas last week.

Christy Resendes!

Christy Resendes!
Christy Resendes!,
originally uploaded by
Height: 5'5" Weight: 134-142 (contest) 150-165 (off season)At the age of 14 I watched my mother compete in her 1st bodybuilding show. I saw all the hard work and dedication that it took for her to compete and it inspired me. I decided to compete in the same show the following year. Having only weight trained and dieting for 3 months, I entered the ANBC Whaling City Bodybuilding Championships. I won best poser and the women's overall.
In 2005, I placed first in the open women's class at the Muscle Mania Atlantic. Then two weeks later, I decided to try an NPC show, which was not drug tested. I wanted to see how well I could do as a natural bodybuilder against women who were not natural. The 2005 New England Bodybuilding & Fitness Championship was held in Boston, MA. I knew realistically that I more than likely wouldn't even place, but I wanted to try anyway. I was the lightest woman in the women's heavy weight class, weighing 134 pounds. I ended up placing second in this show and the female that did win was 20 pounds heavier than me. It was a great competition and an awesome experience for me! Some of my other accomplishments include being a mother of three children ages 9, 5, and 1. I am enrolled full time and on the Dean's list at Bridgewater State College. I will be graduating with a Bachelor's degree in physical education in May of 2006. I am also a full time employee at the Acushnet Company located in New Bedford, Ma. I have had the honor of being a guest poser for my Theory/Practice Program of Resistance Training class. I was also featured in my local new paper, The Standard Times, for my bodybuilding accomplishments. Dr. Ellyn Robinson, a professor at Bridgewater State College, has done a flattering write up about my accomplishments last year which was posted on the Bridgewater State College website. I am also on my nutritionist's website, My fitness goal is to be the best all natural for life bodybuilder that I can be. My ideal occupations would be fitness modeling, competing, and owning my own fitness facility. My life goal is to be the best mother that I can for my children.

Olympia response...

Dear Ms. Olympia Fan,

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns about women’s bodybuilding and the Ms. Olympia competition. We share your concern for this sport, and we believe the flagging attendance and participation in women’s bodybuilding is something that can no longer be overlooked.

While female athletes at the professional level train and prepare every bit as hard as their male counterparts, as promoters we cannot ignore the thousands of fans who travel to the host site for the Olympia Weekend, but avoid the Friday night program and it’s centerpiece event, the Ms. Olympia contest. In 2004, for every five fans that attended the sell-out Mr. Olympia contest on Saturday evening, one fan attended the Friday evening program. Without changes to the events scheduled for Friday’s night, it would be unreasonable to expect attendance to grow.

As promoters we are obligated to produce an event that draws and entertains the largest possible audience of physique fans, while investing in a presentation that rewards and brings credit to the athletes and sponsors. The more successful we are at achieving these goals, the more we can continue to invest in the athletes and fans.

Our decision to move the Ms. Olympia competition to the main Expo stage is intended to provide an opportunity to schedule several new events on Friday evening. In addition, the Olympia expo on Saturday has a much more packed and exciting program than has been the case in previous years. One new initiative at Saturday’s expo is an Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) spectacular featuring an octagon with star fighters performing. Saturday’s compelling program of events will drive more traffic and enable the Ms. Olympia finals to grow its audience by virtue of tapping into the 15,000 plus fans we expect to attend the expo. We will also be showing highlights of the Ms. Olympia finals on Saturday night’s PPV broadcast.

We hope the additional expo audience and TV exposure (in tandem with the new IFBB judging criteria) can help the women revitalize their sport and return it to the popularity enjoyed in the mid to late ‘80s. In addition to these changes, we are increasing the prize money for the Ms. Olympia from $61,000 to $71,000 as part of our plan to continue investing in professional physique athletes.

We thank you for your concern and truly feel that the future growth of the sport of bodybuilding, for women as well as men, lies within the hands of its participants. We hope that 2005 will mark a turning point for the Ms. Olympia competition, and that the sport seizes this opportunity to fashion a new and successful future for itself.

The Olympia 2005 Promotion Team

Real women have curves says Dove

You've probably seen the ads around town with the non-traditional models on them in all white. I saw them and liked the fact they are embracing women with curves and that's what their campaign and website is all about. Check it out and send in your own photo and opinion here.

Catherine Sansom-vanNederveen

Her photos are being shown in a gallery in Salt Lake City, UT. Check it out online as well.

An open letter from Heather Foster

Hello everyone!

I trust this e-mail finds you all in good health. As you all have now heard, the once prestigious Ms. Olympia finals has been relegated to a side show at the Olympia Expo. We are asking you to send e-mails informing your fans, family, friends, pro men bodybuilders, etc., asking them to write to each of the individuals listed below, voicing your outrage over the way the professional women bodybuilders are being treated. We have suffered many indignities over the years, yet we still remain professional, and continue to compete under less than ideal circumstances, and for very little prize money. They say we don't sell tickets, that no one wants to see us, yet we sold out the City Center Theater in NY!!! Wayne DeMilia made a statement to that effect in Flex Magazine, which is why he removed the other two divisions from the lineup the following year. So, those of us who attend the shows hear the difference in the reaction of the crowd when the female bodybuilders come onstage. I am in no way trying to take anything away from the other divisions (I have quite a few friends in both divisions). I am just stating a fact. So, I will encourage all the divisions, the amateur athletes, fans, family, friends, etc. to send an e-mail to each of the individuals below regarding this latest outrage. I do appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to to this. Thank you all in advance.

David Pecker:
Vince Scalisi:
Peter McGough:

Healthfully Yours,

Amanda Dunbar readies for the USAs

If you all haven't seen the latest on Amanda, check out her blog for some insane pix!

Bodybuilder Christina Thomas wins Alberta Provincial heavyweight class

Bodybuilder Christina Thomas wins Alberta Provincial heavyweight class

Here's a shot from the week before the competition of Christina. A heavyweight bodybuilder, Thomas took her class and was showcased on FTV previously - congratulations Christina!

Brits, get ready for the Female Extravaganza!

Former British pro bodybuilder Kimberley-Anne Jones has rounded up just about all of England’s top female muscle for a “Female Extravaganza”, which will take place in Gravesend, Kent, England, in conjunction with the Gravesend Classic show, on August 28.

The show will feature a unique all-female judging panel of Britain’s top female bodybuilders and fitness athletes, many of whom will themselves be just weeks away from the British championships or pro shows. Guest posing, as well as judging, will be Wendy McCready, who will be making her pro debut at Betty Pariso’s pro show in Dallas in September. Wendy got her pro card after winning the heavyweight and overall at the British championships (with Kimberly-Anne’s help) last fall.

The judging panel will also include IFBB pro figure competitor Ronnie Blewitt; heavyweight pro bodybuilders Karen Marillier and Sarah Bridges; 2004 British middleweight champion Simona Evans; former British middleweight champion Dionne Dixon; two-time British lightweight champion Marina Cornwall; heavyweight former competitor Emma James; and up-and-coming British female bodybuilders Aggi Koumas Dulson and Angie Roche and fitness girls Liz Kinsella, Gemma Miller and Shelley Hinds. All of the star judges will be available after judging to meet fans and pose for photos.

Kimberley-Anne, who competed in the Ms Olympia back in 1993 and is virtually synonymous with female bodybuilding in the UK, hopes the event will get British women some exposure in the bodybuilding media in the US. “Brit girls hardly register in the bodybuilding mags,” she says. She is also on a mission to help change mainstream attitudes to female bodybuilders in the UK. “I want the general public - because most of the audience will be just that - to go away and say, “Y'know wot, them bodybuildin’ women ain’t ‘arf as bad as you think they're gonna be.’”

Gravesend Classic, Woodville Hall, Gravesend , Kent, August 28, 2005.

Contact Kimberley-Anne on 07950 732 093 or co-promoter Steve Avery on 07812 710 820 for more information.

Joanna Thomas on TLC!

Follow Joanna's prep for the Olympia on TLC. This is probably the same thing the BBC was supposed to show in Europe.

Wendy Jameson!

Wendy Jameson!
Wendy Jameson!,
originally uploaded by genexmagazine.
Wendy Jameson did a shoot with us here at GeneX Magazine and she wanted to give a little information about herself. Check it out!

Stats: competition wgt: 115-119# (115 for the CAL), 5 ft 3 in.,
age 43
Competitive background: Ms. Galaxy 1996-- no placing,
NPC Bodybuilding: 1997--3 first places in lightwgt open/masters, Powerlifting 1998-1999-best
comp bench press 165# set a distric record @ bodywgt of 129#,
Mountain biking crosscountry racing: 3rd place 2004, competed in various 3-6 mile runs
over the yrs placing in top 3
Education: Bachelor of Business Admn, major Marketing
Career background: 17 yrs sales/marketing exp. in the corp. world of food
manufacturing , 5 yrs personal training and nutrition consultant,
self-employed with husband for Strength Systems Personal Training and
Nutrition located in Mission Viejo, CA
Personal: married 5 yrs, step mother to 4 kids 10-17 yrs, live in Lake
Forest, CA ; originally from Texas.
I love working with women to improve their self-image through healthy
training and nutrition!

The Jennifer Abrams photo

This wasn't included when I changed over to the blog interface so let's see

if this new automated process works!

Tara Scotti on Fear Factor!

Yes it's true, Tara told us at the Cal's that she's going to be doing a taping of the hit show soon with her brother. She's made the news public now too so we're able to release it as well. Find out more about it on her site.

Michelle Berger, Buff Mother

Oh yeah! Check out these shots that Michelle Berger aka Buff Mother sent us. She looks fantastic and is the perfect example of how weight training is beneficial, especially for moms. Now if my friends had moms like Michelle, I think I'd always want to hang out at their place. See more of her at:

Bodybuilders Union?

The subject has been raised again about forming a union for all IFBB Pro athletes and is discussed in an interesting article at . Here's a snippet: "No longer will insulting prize money be tolerated. No longer will Judges who own supplements companies be allowed to judge shows with their endorsed athletes in the show. Now the athletes are in control, now the athletes make some money, and most important, the athletes obtain control of their destiny. If you're an IFBB Pro and feel you would benefit from a union, please e-mail me." You can read the entire article here.

Sarah Sawall's contest shots!

So Sarah ended up competing and we've got her entire countdown history and final contest shots posted - check out the photos here...

Liza Larence in Austin, TX

"I Just got back from Austin, where I placed 2nd in a field of 9 pro women…Karen Miller edged me out this time around with her thickly muscled legs ! Took some WILD shots at the state capitol, clambering all over the bronze statues on horseback, various cannon, my crystallized posing suit and high heels, the cops just standing by smiling…I expected they would throw me out any moment." - Find out more about Liza on her website at:

2005 Olympia at the Orleans Hotel!

It's official - October 13-16, 2005 in Las Vegas - Find out more here...


"Here are the pics for an update on my win at the M.I.C. Mid-Illinois Championships on April 2nd. I won the overall. My next 3 competions of the season will be May 7th- The Rockford Grand Prix Natural, June 17-18th Jr. Nationals and August 5-6 Team U. The ages of our children are 6 and 1 1/2 Stop by for more!"

Women's wrestling film to debut: Lipstick and Dynamite

"LIPSTICK & DYNAMITE” - The First Ladies of Wrestling

A Film by Ruth Leitman

STARRING THE FABULOUS MOOLAH and all of the lady wrestling legends!

Teen girls taking steroids!

The San Francisco Chronicle has a report that shows that more and more teen girls are taking steroids for various reasons. Read the full story here.

Is Nikki Fuller making a comeback?!

Our sources tell us that Nikki's considering a comeback and she's actually training as hard as ever to see how her body responds and to see what happens from there. She said she was pleased this week to have got up 225 lbs. on the bench for reps and is enjoying hitting it hard. Check out the shots in this week's update for more on Nikki or check out her site

Christine Pomponio-Pate on the cover of Westword!

Figure superstar Christine Pomponio-Pate was the cover story in Westword - a weekly publication based in the greater Denver area. Check out the full article and photos here.

Heiðrún Sigurðardóttir wins!

Iceland may not be a physique powerhouse in many people's minds, but we met Heidrun last year and she's amazing. She just told us she was in her best shape ever and if you can read Icelandic, here's the link to the contest report.

Here comes Nicole Pfuetzenreuter!

"My name is Nicole Pfuetzenreuter and I found this wonderful sport in 1997. I was looking at a muscle magazine at a newspaper stand and saw some really huge female bodybuilders. I thought in this moment 'wow - I want to look like this too.' I decided to go to a bodybuilding club near my house and because of my great motivation and good genetics my muscles grew fast and my body changed in the desired way.

"I have to say that before I started working out I was as fat as a fat cow. I was weighing nearly 220 pounds without muscle at all. Thank god that in the meantime my physique completely changed. one year later in 1998 I saw at Germanys "FIBO" in Essen the one and only Denise Masino. She inspired me that much that it was now much more clear in my head than ever before: 'I want look so damned sexy and muscular too.' She told me that I have a great spirit and that I should try to reach my dreams - to go on stage soon.

"In 1999 I started my diet and after 10 months of strict dieting and only eating rice and chicken I went to my first contest and came first in the heavyweight class. I was so happy that day, that was one of the greatest moments in my life. The last years I did some powerlifting and strength contests too. I am able to bench press 286 pounds for example. Last year was the greatest year at all for me cause I won the german championships heavyweight class and overall with a contest weight of 176 pounds ripped and massive. My next goal now is to get my pro card soon and to compete in professional shows with all the other big girls who I admire that much."

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