Barbie Guerra: A New Look!

We got this note from Barbie about her new site:

Hey Everybody!

My web site is finally done! It has a whole new look! The member's area is still going to be a while; so please be patient! I will also be adding a few new items to the store within the next few months, as well as joining up with Femme Athletic (clothing). So, you'll be seeing Femme Athletic Gear on there soon. You'll love it! I've also made it easier for you to order those yummy egg whites by adding a banner at the bottom of each page. Just click on it, and it will direct you right where you need to go to order them! This is the perfect time to order Fitness Unarmed clothing AND Egg Whites, Intl, being that CHRISTMAS and New Year's RESOLUTIONS time is near!!

If you haven't already, check out my new site, visit my blg spot, and feel free to let me know what you think!

genex Olympia photography in Sweden's BODY Magazine

Check out the full page spread of Olympia candids in BODY Magazine from Sweden (
- you may even see yourself in the photos. The current issue is on newsstands now and there's also a sneak peek at the Klaudia Larson spread we shot for them as well. The December issue will be out soon so pick up or subscribe to one of the top European mags covering the fitness and bodybuilding industry!

Barbie Guerra in Closer Magazine

We got this note and cool comic from Barbie Guerra today:

It's just me again! I know..twice in one week!! I'm really making up for lost time! On Monday, an article was printed about me in a women's magazine, called "Closer", in the UK. If you're interested, you can read it at:

I'm also still having fun blogging! You can read what I wrote about the article...and other things at

I'm attaching a little comic/drawing that one of my "fans" drew and sent to me yesterday. I think it's pretty cool!

As usual, enjoy!!

Barbie Guerra

"Can't" Is Not An Option!

Quantum Leap casting fBBs

The Producers of the first feature film production of 'Quantum Leap' in
nearly 17 years are seeking to cast a female bodybuilder for the fan based
production of 'A Leap to Di for'. This is a legitimate, paying job for
serious candidates only.

The role is for the end "tag" of the show featuring the main character of
Sam Beckett leaping into his next life (or show in this case). The scene is
fairly simple. Sam arrives in his next 'life', unsuspecting of who he has
leapt into. (For those of you who remember the show, you'll know what we are
referring to). Sam is at a bodybuilding competition in 1987, and at first,
he believes he is just a woman. but as he walks by a mirror, he sees who he
really is.

That's it. Nothing terribly difficult or time consuming. This would be a lot
of fun for the right person. someone who loves the show and have some fun
while shooting a 'teaser' clip for the next episode. Depending on the
success of this re-launch, we'll shoot an entire episode around this 'leap',
featuring your character as the lead role in a possible future production.
If we shoot the next episode, the show will tackle the issues of a woman's
acceptance as a legitimate bodybuilder. While we (the Producers) are no
experts in the professional bodybuilding arena, we are seeking a uniquely
beautiful woman who is big and muscular.

This film is set to premiere in Hollywood, CA, on March 27, 2009 at the 20th
Anniversary Festival of 'Quantum Leap'. Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell are
slated to attend along with countless other stars, writers, and the entire
creative force behind the popular TV show. Click here for a complete
breakdown of this exciting event.

The Producers of this extraordinary production will pay $100 for just one
day, plus fuel reimbursement. at most; you're looking at 1-2 hours of work.
(We're asking for interested candidates ONLY from a reasonable distance to
and from Indianapolis. We cannot afford to fly and house you.) Plus, you get
a once in a lifetime shot at getting on the silver screen in Hollywood in a
legitimate film. We realize this sounds too good to be true, but it honestly
is, folks. Download the scene here, and you'll see just how easy your job
would be.

We encourage interested candidates to explore this website and get to know
who we are, and the high production values going into this film.

Film Format: HD (High Definition - 1080i)
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Screening at: Beverly Garland Hotel, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA. -
March 27-29
Available on-line at RACSO Films after Hollywood Premiere
Pay: $100
Fuel reimbursement: Yes

If interested, or have general questions, please send resume and portfolio
to submissions at racsofilms dot com for consideration. (E-mail address
spelled out to prevent spam)

Thank you,
Christopher AllenWriter/Director/Producer

Check Out The Official Website Here For More Details:

Sarah Dunlap in PDN

Another of Martin Schoeller's images of Sarah Dunlap has been used in a
contest entry promotion that PDN is running. For those in the photographic
industry, PDN is pretty much the top news organization for all the
happenings in the world of photography so it's great to see Sarah and a
female bodybuilder being showcased that way - here's to more of that!

Womens MMA featured in CityPages Minneapolis

Gina Carano, Kaitlin Young & Kelly Kobald are all featured - check it
out online at!

'HOOKED: Muscle Women' airs this Sunday

Kristy Hawkins just gave us the word: “So this is the footage and interview they shot of me after the nationals and a little during the Arnold Classic. “'HOOKED: Muscle Women' will hit the airwaves this Sunday night at 10 (PT) on MSNBC. 


Anyone who can record it please do as I myself don’t have cable and would love to see our Big K on this program!

Lilli Ewing 60 days out!

Here she is! Lilli is getting ready to compete again and she sent us these shots!

Some comments: "My daughter is going to take some posing suit shots of me. I'll send some. I have bricks for abs now. I haven't had those since 1994. :-) I'm going for the 8 pack. I've been practicing gymnastics and have my walkover down pat again so I'm practicing to do backhandspring and/or side aerial in my bodybuilding routine.

Definitely though I'm now practicing my mandatories!

My goal is to win the Ironman then move up ...then do Emerald Cup again, Open Middle.

(photos by David Aboody)

Last Chance to see Dallas Maloy in Fortune & Men's Eyes in LA

Hi Everyone~


This is the last week of my play~


Fortune and Men's Eyes

Underground Theater

1312 N. Wilton Place

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Thursday~Sunday 8 pm shows

20$ cash only

Industry comps available

Reservation line: 323.467.0036


Hope you can make it!


Amanda Savell, 1978-2008

Follow this more on the Dallas Morning News site as details are

From our friends at Mesomorphosis:

Most of the coverage seems to be leveraging her MySpace page which
features one of the shots we took of Amanda. She was a friend of ours
and we are saddened by this news. James Cook was one of the first to
discover and shoot Amanda back in her bodybuilding days.

A profile from James' first shoot is on our site here:

British champ gets heavy

22 year-old British prodigy Michelle Jones will be back onstage again this fall - this time as a heavyweight.

Michelle, who we profiled last year, competed at the British equivalent of nationals as a lightweight in 2006 in only her second ever show and scooped the overall at the tender age of 21. But after the show she discovered that the British bodybuilding federation had changed the rules and no longer automatically gives a pro card to the women’s champion.

After taking last year off to put on size, Michelle is doing the British again this October as a heavyweight (they have two weight classes, with the cutoff at 57 kg, or around 125 pounds). At 5-foot-3, she is at around 170 pounds in these recent pics, but even off-season her shape looks incredible, especially from the back.

Sarah Dunlap and Carmella Cuerton - award winning photography by Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller's project Female Bodybuilders won a prestigious award
in the 2008 PDN Photo Annual.

Many of you have probably seen his work and the two photos featured in
the magazine were of Carmella and Sarah. Check it out in the current
issue of PDN on your newsstands now on page 140!

Tina Jo Orban update and Fit Girls book

As you know I am in Fit Girls Volume One,  (go to  and will be working with John Stutz--at the booth at the  Mr. Olympia 08, and elsewhere-- to help promote the book!
But what you don’t know, because it is new news, is I will be writing for Scott White’s new book:
Fitness Competition Secrets.
I will be writing back cover testimonial, and about 500 words/paragraphs to cover my ideas, thought..., essentially the scope and breadth of my experiences in the industry.  
I will let you know when that is released. (see ebook attached)

In the meantime here is my most recent and last shoot.   I shot these two days after the other web images images that I sent previously, titled “my new look.”


Tina Jo Orban

Megan Abshire

An exciting prospect out of Louisiana to look out for this year is 22 year-old Megan Abshire, a protegĂ©e of pro and now contest prep guru Robin Parker. Megan, who will be competing for the first time this summer, looks to have great structure, with big shoulders and arms and a tiny waist, as well as impressive muscularity for her age. Megan was a powerlifter as a teenager which seems to have given her a great foundation and she is doing a great job of sculpting that into a competitive physique. “She has fantastic potential,” says Robin.

Megan is now getting ready for the Red Stick Classic on June 28 and also plans to do the Louisiana State two weeks later. At 5-foot-8 she weighs around 170 now and plans to come in around 150 to 155. With the help of Robin - who prepped Amanda Dunbar for her USA win in 2005 and brought Julia Stamper in in incredible shape at Nationals last year - she should do great. More on Megan on her sponsor Pinnacle Performance’s site.

Lisa Aukland intimidates Hollywood star!

More movie news: Lisa Aukland tells me she is auditioning for a role in a Hollywood movie too! She is up for a speaking part in a major new comedy and recently went to an audition. “The part was for a muscular woman who would be able to intimidate the main actor - Tyler Perry,” she says. “There were about 14 audition lines but the way it ended, it seemed like this character would have a pretty big role.” IFBB pro Lisa placed third at the Arnold in March (photo).

Chemical Pink - the movie

There’s some interesting news about Chemical Pink, the planned movie based on Katie Arnoldi’s novel about the world of women’s bodybuilding. The project has gone through some ups and downs: Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk had originally been slated to write the screenplay, and David Fincher, who was supposed to direct it, both dropped out. Arnoldi eventually wrote the screenplay herself and music video director Jonas Akerlund will now direct. The latest is that he and producer Ted Field are now looking for someone to play Aurora Johnson, the main character - an aspiring female bodybuilder who moves to southern California to pursue her dream.

They were initially hoping to get a big Hollywood name to play Aurora - at various points in the process they were talking to Patricia Arquette (who apparently even started training at Gold’s in Venice and eating six meals a day!), Rosario Dawson and Jessical Biel - but in the end they couldn’t persuade any of them to take on the job. “It takes years to put on muscle and I just couldn’t see how they were going to make a skinny actress look like a bodybuilder in six months,” Arnoldi tells us.

Arnoldi tells us they now plan to cast a "real girl" instead. They are even talking about an American Idol-style reality show in which Arnoldi, Akerlund and Field would go around the country auditioning female bodybuilders for the part - what Arnoldi calls “In Search of Aurora”. That could mean an amazing opportunity for a female bodybuilder to play the lead in a Hollywood movie. We'll let you know as soon as we know more...

Emery Miller on Secret Lives of Women - "Amazon Women"

From Emery!


I am one of 4 body builders being featured on

Secret Lives of Women
“Amazon Women”

premiering April 22, 2008 at 7:00pm PST / 10:00pm EST
on the WE (Women’s Entertainment) channel:

More Air Dates:
Wednesday, April 23, 1:00 AM ET
Sunday, April 27, 4:00 AM ET
Tuesday, April 29, 11:00 PM ET
Wednesday, April 30, 2:00 AM ET

Check your local cable/dish listings for channel number or check WEtv. com

There is going to be some hot fbb's doing some cool stuff & talking about all the things that really happen in our lives as strong women.

(Dena Westerfield, Lauren Powers, Joan Lopez and myself)

Please check it out!


2008 Lindsay Productions IFBB Pro Figure contests in California!

Jon Lindsay is happy to announce that Lindsay Productions will be promoting two IFBB Pro Figure contests in California during 2008 as follows:


**September 20 - GNC 2008 IFBB TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS PRO FIGURE, ANAHEIM, CA - $6,000.00 Prize Money

Institutional "HOST" sponsor: BODYBUILDING.COM

These contests ar open to any IFBB registered Pro figure athletes worldwide

All currently registered IFBB Pro's should be recieving the event notices in the mail from the IFBB soon. If you do not get one please call the IFBB Pro division toll free: 1-866-304-4322 or from outside US: (412) 276-5027


Miss America, with Muscles podcast

Check out this audio piece about 'female muscle fitness competitions.'

It's about some female fitness athletes and includes an interview with
Cathy Savage:

Today's Bride showcases buff biceps

This photo was in Today's Bride, taken by Vince Tarry - it's nice to see
some buffness in traditional media!

2007 Gene X Awards online!

So our 2007 awards are now online - check them out on the website!

Dee Lazard is ready for the Arnold!

You all may be familiar with Dee Lazard who's an amazing bodybuilder
from Texas. Here she is with fellow Texan and IFBB Pro Tina Chandler.
Dee will be on stage at the 2008 Arnold Amateur and promises to bring it
- let's go Dee!!!!

NC Buff Babes Calendar

We got this note about a new calendar that features Lishia Dean and Jen Hendershott among other North Carolina physique athletes!

"Recently Jen and Lishia Dean were able to participate in a project to create a 2008 calendar of North Carolina Fitness women! Jen Hendershott is on the cover and the month of December and staff member, Lishia Dean, is the month of November.

"The calendars came out great! If you are interested in the purchase of one and to help the charity.. Go to: and scroll down to the bottom of the page to purchase the calendar!

"We are giving $1 for every calendar sold to the organization of NCTRC, to help sponsor some of the kids that are "special needs" mostly autistic, with riding class scholarships that come from families that cannot afford to pay themselves The cost is $20.

"hanks for your support, this was so much fun!!!!"

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