Megan Abshire

An exciting prospect out of Louisiana to look out for this year is 22 year-old Megan Abshire, a protegée of pro and now contest prep guru Robin Parker. Megan, who will be competing for the first time this summer, looks to have great structure, with big shoulders and arms and a tiny waist, as well as impressive muscularity for her age. Megan was a powerlifter as a teenager which seems to have given her a great foundation and she is doing a great job of sculpting that into a competitive physique. “She has fantastic potential,” says Robin.

Megan is now getting ready for the Red Stick Classic on June 28 and also plans to do the Louisiana State two weeks later. At 5-foot-8 she weighs around 170 now and plans to come in around 150 to 155. With the help of Robin - who prepped Amanda Dunbar for her USA win in 2005 and brought Julia Stamper in in incredible shape at Nationals last year - she should do great. More on Megan on her sponsor Pinnacle Performance’s site.

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