Tina Jo Orban update and Fit Girls book

As you know I am in Fit Girls Volume One,  (go to Johnstutz.com)  and will be working with John Stutz--at the booth at the  Mr. Olympia 08, and elsewhere-- to help promote the book!
But what you don’t know, because it is new news, is I will be writing for Scott White’s new book:
Fitness Competition Secrets.
I will be writing back cover testimonial, and about 500 words/paragraphs to cover my ideas, thought..., essentially the scope and breadth of my experiences in the industry.  
I will let you know when that is released. (see ebook attached)

In the meantime here is my most recent and last shoot.   I shot these two days after the other web images images that I sent previously, titled “my new look.”


Tina Jo Orban

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