Barbie Guerra in Closer Magazine

We got this note and cool comic from Barbie Guerra today:

It's just me again! I know..twice in one week!! I'm really making up for lost time! On Monday, an article was printed about me in a women's magazine, called "Closer", in the UK. If you're interested, you can read it at:

I'm also still having fun blogging! You can read what I wrote about the article...and other things at

I'm attaching a little comic/drawing that one of my "fans" drew and sent to me yesterday. I think it's pretty cool!

As usual, enjoy!!

Barbie Guerra

"Can't" Is Not An Option!

Quantum Leap casting fBBs

The Producers of the first feature film production of 'Quantum Leap' in
nearly 17 years are seeking to cast a female bodybuilder for the fan based
production of 'A Leap to Di for'. This is a legitimate, paying job for
serious candidates only.

The role is for the end "tag" of the show featuring the main character of
Sam Beckett leaping into his next life (or show in this case). The scene is
fairly simple. Sam arrives in his next 'life', unsuspecting of who he has
leapt into. (For those of you who remember the show, you'll know what we are
referring to). Sam is at a bodybuilding competition in 1987, and at first,
he believes he is just a woman. but as he walks by a mirror, he sees who he
really is.

That's it. Nothing terribly difficult or time consuming. This would be a lot
of fun for the right person. someone who loves the show and have some fun
while shooting a 'teaser' clip for the next episode. Depending on the
success of this re-launch, we'll shoot an entire episode around this 'leap',
featuring your character as the lead role in a possible future production.
If we shoot the next episode, the show will tackle the issues of a woman's
acceptance as a legitimate bodybuilder. While we (the Producers) are no
experts in the professional bodybuilding arena, we are seeking a uniquely
beautiful woman who is big and muscular.

This film is set to premiere in Hollywood, CA, on March 27, 2009 at the 20th
Anniversary Festival of 'Quantum Leap'. Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell are
slated to attend along with countless other stars, writers, and the entire
creative force behind the popular TV show. Click here for a complete
breakdown of this exciting event.

The Producers of this extraordinary production will pay $100 for just one
day, plus fuel reimbursement. at most; you're looking at 1-2 hours of work.
(We're asking for interested candidates ONLY from a reasonable distance to
and from Indianapolis. We cannot afford to fly and house you.) Plus, you get
a once in a lifetime shot at getting on the silver screen in Hollywood in a
legitimate film. We realize this sounds too good to be true, but it honestly
is, folks. Download the scene here, and you'll see just how easy your job
would be.

We encourage interested candidates to explore this website and get to know
who we are, and the high production values going into this film.

Film Format: HD (High Definition - 1080i)
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Screening at: Beverly Garland Hotel, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA. -
March 27-29
Available on-line at RACSO Films after Hollywood Premiere
Pay: $100
Fuel reimbursement: Yes

If interested, or have general questions, please send resume and portfolio
to submissions at racsofilms dot com for consideration. (E-mail address
spelled out to prevent spam)

Thank you,
Christopher AllenWriter/Director/Producer

Check Out The Official Website Here For More Details:

Sarah Dunlap in PDN

Another of Martin Schoeller's images of Sarah Dunlap has been used in a
contest entry promotion that PDN is running. For those in the photographic
industry, PDN is pretty much the top news organization for all the
happenings in the world of photography so it's great to see Sarah and a
female bodybuilder being showcased that way - here's to more of that!

Womens MMA featured in CityPages Minneapolis

Gina Carano, Kaitlin Young & Kelly Kobald are all featured - check it
out online at!

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