Female bodybuilder Theresa Ivancik

Theresa was another competitor we shot at the Arnold this year. She's got a fantastic physique with some amazing delts. Look for workout video and more
coverage of Theresa on the site soon!

Andrea Trent back on the competition stage?

One of our all time favorite models and physique athletes is Andrea Trent and we did a quick shoot with her at the Arnold earlier.  She's considering stepping back on stage in the physique division and we hope that happens since she's got a great physique and presence that would translate well into that new division.  What do you think?

Coralie Marchisio draws a crowd at the 2011 Arnold Classic

James Cook shoots with French female bodybuilder Coralie Marchisio during the 2011 Arnold Classic weekend.

Holly Chambliss preview photo from the 2011 Arnold Classic!

Here's a sneak peek at Holly who was our first shoot at the Arnold this weekend!


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