British champ gets heavy

22 year-old British prodigy Michelle Jones will be back onstage again this fall - this time as a heavyweight.

Michelle, who we profiled last year, competed at the British equivalent of nationals as a lightweight in 2006 in only her second ever show and scooped the overall at the tender age of 21. But after the show she discovered that the British bodybuilding federation had changed the rules and no longer automatically gives a pro card to the women’s champion.

After taking last year off to put on size, Michelle is doing the British again this October as a heavyweight (they have two weight classes, with the cutoff at 57 kg, or around 125 pounds). At 5-foot-3, she is at around 170 pounds in these recent pics, but even off-season her shape looks incredible, especially from the back.

Sarah Dunlap and Carmella Cuerton - award winning photography by Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller's project Female Bodybuilders won a prestigious award
in the 2008 PDN Photo Annual.

Many of you have probably seen his work and the two photos featured in
the magazine were of Carmella and Sarah. Check it out in the current
issue of PDN on your newsstands now on page 140!

Tina Jo Orban update and Fit Girls book

As you know I am in Fit Girls Volume One,  (go to  and will be working with John Stutz--at the booth at the  Mr. Olympia 08, and elsewhere-- to help promote the book!
But what you don’t know, because it is new news, is I will be writing for Scott White’s new book:
Fitness Competition Secrets.
I will be writing back cover testimonial, and about 500 words/paragraphs to cover my ideas, thought..., essentially the scope and breadth of my experiences in the industry.  
I will let you know when that is released. (see ebook attached)

In the meantime here is my most recent and last shoot.   I shot these two days after the other web images images that I sent previously, titled “my new look.”


Tina Jo Orban

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