Guess who - some impressive quads from 2009 NPC Nationals

You’ll be seeing more of her on our site soon!



Happy Thanksgiving everyone - here's a shot of Nekole Hamrick for ya!

Nekole always brings in a fantastic aesthetic package and this year at the 2009 NPC Nationals was no different.  Her posing is also quite graceful so during our shoot I had her do one of the poses she included in her routine.

Cheryl Faust in genex magazine

We've shot with Cheryl Faust before at the Arnold but she has really been hitting the gym hard and we though she was one of the standout physiques in the though light heavyweight class at the 2009 NPC Nationals. Cheryl placed sixth and definitely looked fantastic for our shoot Sunday morning. Look for more on this great female bodybuilder on the and websites.

James Cook Show Episode 06

James Cook Show EP 06, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

The James Cook Show: Episode 06. Todays show focuses on the Webcam Physique Extravaganza (WPE), an online physique competition that will happen on Nov. 19, 2009 at Interview with one of the competitors appearing at the WPE, Kira Neuman. Highlights from the FTVideo member updates features; Mah-Ann Mendoza, Kristen Warner and Jamie Troxel.

Webcam Physique Extravaganza

I'd like to invite everyone out to the 2009 Webcam Physique Extravaganza on Thursday November 19. 2009 Beginning at 6:00pm est.

This is the first of it's kind. A live, online physique competition where the viewer votes on their favorite. Realtime, detailed stats on each competitor. No height classes or weight classes. Scheduled to compete: Kira Neuman, Andrea Giacomi and Deanna Harvick! More details at

James Cook Show: EP05

James Cook Show: EP05, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

James Cook Show : Episode 05. Announcement of a live online physique competition called the Webcam Physique Extravaganza. Interview with Rachael McMillian as she prepares for the 2009 NPC Nationals in Florida. member update highlights with HD video from Bonnie Pappas, Michele Bigler and Yahara Agosto. More info at See episode HERE

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