'HOOKED: Muscle Women' airs this Sunday

Kristy Hawkins just gave us the word: “So this is the footage and interview they shot of me after the nationals and a little during the Arnold Classic. “'HOOKED: Muscle Women' will hit the airwaves this Sunday night at 10 (PT) on MSNBC. 


Anyone who can record it please do as I myself don’t have cable and would love to see our Big K on this program!

Lilli Ewing 60 days out!

Here she is! Lilli is getting ready to compete again and she sent us these shots!

Some comments: "My daughter is going to take some posing suit shots of me. I'll send some. I have bricks for abs now. I haven't had those since 1994. :-) I'm going for the 8 pack. I've been practicing gymnastics and have my walkover down pat again so I'm practicing to do backhandspring and/or side aerial in my bodybuilding routine.

Definitely though I'm now practicing my mandatories!

My goal is to win the Ironman then move up ...then do Emerald Cup again, Open Middle.

(photos by David Aboody)

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