Bodybuilders Union?

The subject has been raised again about forming a union for all IFBB Pro athletes and is discussed in an interesting article at . Here's a snippet: "No longer will insulting prize money be tolerated. No longer will Judges who own supplements companies be allowed to judge shows with their endorsed athletes in the show. Now the athletes are in control, now the athletes make some money, and most important, the athletes obtain control of their destiny. If you're an IFBB Pro and feel you would benefit from a union, please e-mail me." You can read the entire article here.

Sarah Sawall's contest shots!

So Sarah ended up competing and we've got her entire countdown history and final contest shots posted - check out the photos here...

Liza Larence in Austin, TX

"I Just got back from Austin, where I placed 2nd in a field of 9 pro women…Karen Miller edged me out this time around with her thickly muscled legs ! Took some WILD shots at the state capitol, clambering all over the bronze statues on horseback, various cannon, my crystallized posing suit and high heels, the cops just standing by smiling…I expected they would throw me out any moment." - Find out more about Liza on her website at:

2005 Olympia at the Orleans Hotel!

It's official - October 13-16, 2005 in Las Vegas - Find out more here...

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