Carmella Cureton's thick physique

It may have been a while since you’ve seen Carmella on the competitive stage, but this female bodybuilder has kept her muscle and is looking great.  We caught up with her and shot in her home town of Atlanta and here’s a couple preview pix from our shoot!

Spanish heat - Nora Girones

One of my favorite shoots in Atlanta, GA during the 2010 NPC Nationals was with Spaniard Nora Girones.  Nora has a sultry look but packs some nice muscle on her frame and her personality is awesome.

This was a shot from our shoot but look for video clips as well as the full galleries to come soon on the website!


Female Bodybuilder Cassandra Wilson in Atlanta

One of the competitors at the 2010 NPC Nationals that we liked and managed to track down that weekend was Cassandra Wilson.  She's got a terrific physique and was a new face we wanted to feature.  Here's a shot from our shoot, but James got some awesome video as well so keep an eye out on the website for that soon!


Joanna Wilson at the 2010 NPC Nationals

Female bodybuilder Joanna Wilson is a fan favorite and she looked great again at the 2010 NPC Nationals.  Here's a sneak preview shot from the gallery James will be posting soon!  See more of here on the FTV site:


TomNine and Kate Baird

TomNine is shown here working hard by the pool with female bodybuilder Kate Baird ( at the 2010 NPC Nationals in Atlanta, GA.  Ton has a signature style of shooting that matches his personality.


Sherry Smith at the 2010 NPC Nationals

We were so glad to see Sherry Smith this past weekend at the 2010 NPC Nationals.  She's looking fantastic and we talked to her and understand she's still fired up about bodybuilding (pardon the pun!) so keep an eye out for Sherry to return to stage!

Amy Schmid on MTV!

Here's a moment from the show that Amy forwarded on to us and some notes:


"My episode airs this Wednesday, 10/27/10 at 4pm on MTV


"For those I haven't told yet, I spent the summer working in Florida as a MADE coach for this young girl. The show is on MTV, it's called MADE and it will be on Wednesday, 10/27 at 4-5pm. Check your local listing to be sure of the date and time!



Aleesha Young - bigger and better!

We hooked up with female bodybuilder Aleesha Young at the NPC Nationals and she's looking bigger and better than ever!  Here's a peek at her – but look out for the fantastic video footage James capture of her soon!

coming soon to Jillian Reville and Melissa Di Bernardo

Two competitors from the recent 2010 NPC Nationals that we really liked are figure athlete Jillian Reville and bodybuilder Melissa Di Bernardo.  Here's a couple teaser from our shoot!



Spain's finest was here in the US and we got some great stuff with her!

need a drink?

This would be my favorite bartender – what do you think?


Olympia wrapup!

The Olympia weekend was a crazy whirlwind as usual and we had fun covering the show again this year.  Check out our contest report and photos from the expo and parties!

Watch out for Gillian Kovack

This girl is amazing.  Her shape is outstanding and we got some terrific shots with her last month.  Two to tease ya with!



Lisa Giesbrecht is HOT!!!

Well we just finished editing the photos from our shoot with Lisa Giesbrecht and gotta say that she's one of the hottest female bodybuilders out there.  Here's a teaser pic from the shoot – look for a lot more on the site in the near future!


Sexy female bodybuilder and fresh face Heather Smith!

Check out Heather who's got some of the hottest biceps around!


Awefilms behind the scenes with Amber Deluca

We had the privilege of checking out Awefilms ( working on a new production with Amber DeLuca and Hayley McNeff.  Here's a few behind the scenes sneak peeks.  Go to Awefilms to see when the clips will be released!



Gillian Kovack preview shot

From our shoot in Saskatoon last weekend…

guess who?

Who's pecs are these?  Taken this past July 2010…


Bonnie Pappas - HW over 45 class champion

Bonnie looked incredible in Pittsburgh last month – here's a pic from our shoot after the competition.  Look out for Pappas to continue to do damage in her next competition!


Cheryl Faust preview pic

From Pittsburgh, PA – July 2010


Skadi Frei Seifert - dry lake bed photos

Check out these preview shots from our shoot in a dry lake bed outside of Las Vegas, NV during the 2010 NPC USAs.  Full galleries will appear on the website!


Junell Robinson's downsized quads

Junell told me she got them down to 26" from 28" – what do you think?  They still look freaking impressive to us!

Holly Geersen - Las Vegas, 2010

A preview pic from our shoot with the awesome Holly Geersen!


the next figure crossover to turn pro?

We have always liked Amber Defrancesco's look from the time James shot with her as a figure competitor and we caught up with her in Pittsburgh as she prepares for the 2010 NPC Nationals!  Here's a couple shots of Amber looking fantastic!  We hope she'll follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Scarpetta and Sarah Hayes most recently who also used to compete in figure!

Amber Knight Update

One of our more popular models from a few years ago, Amber Knight sent me an update on what she is doing, including playing the bass guitar in a Detroit rock band. (concert photography by

Luciana Papini

Luciana Papini, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

One of the awesome competitors we found during the 2010 Southern States bodybuilding!

Sultry female bodybuilder Alica Kavuljakova's photos

We had a lot of fun shooting with Alica outside of Chicago during the 2010 NPC Jr Nationals.  She's got a great look and with her jet black flowing hair, has an unmistakable presence.


Here's two quick shots from the shoot and James got a lot of good video footage a bit of which has already been uploaded to and YouTube here:


guess who?

If you like legs and calves you'll love our newest model.  Here's a look at her from her first shoot and James got some great video footage as well! 


Jr Nationals Female Bodybuilder: Amanda Micka

One of my favorite shoots of the weekend was with Mississippian Amanda Micka. She's got that charming Southern drawl, and a powerful physique to match with her good looks. Here's a couple shots from my shoot and James shot a ton of great video and a preview is already up here:

Overall 2010 NPC Jr National Bodybuilding Champion Marina Lopez

Marina as totally focused going into the 2010 NPC Jr Nationals and it showed as she took the overall title this past weekend.  Look out for Marina most likely hitting the LW class again in Atlanta for the 2010 NPC Nationals where she aims for her pro card!

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