"Here are the pics for an update on my win at the M.I.C. Mid-Illinois Championships on April 2nd. I won the overall. My next 3 competions of the season will be May 7th- The Rockford Grand Prix Natural, June 17-18th Jr. Nationals and August 5-6 Team U. The ages of our children are 6 and 1 1/2 Stop by for more!"

Women's wrestling film to debut: Lipstick and Dynamite

"LIPSTICK & DYNAMITE” - The First Ladies of Wrestling

A Film by Ruth Leitman

STARRING THE FABULOUS MOOLAH and all of the lady wrestling legends!

Teen girls taking steroids!

The San Francisco Chronicle has a report that shows that more and more teen girls are taking steroids for various reasons. Read the full story here.

Is Nikki Fuller making a comeback?!

Our sources tell us that Nikki's considering a comeback and she's actually training as hard as ever to see how her body responds and to see what happens from there. She said she was pleased this week to have got up 225 lbs. on the bench for reps and is enjoying hitting it hard. Check out the shots in this week's update for more on Nikki or check out her site

Christine Pomponio-Pate on the cover of Westword!

Figure superstar Christine Pomponio-Pate was the cover story in Westword - a weekly publication based in the greater Denver area. Check out the full article and photos here.

Heiðrún Sigurðardóttir wins!

Iceland may not be a physique powerhouse in many people's minds, but we met Heidrun last year and she's amazing. She just told us she was in her best shape ever and if you can read Icelandic, here's the link to the contest report.

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