Figure rising star Stephanie Spencer

We got together with Stephanie who’s trained by Dylan Armbrust at the 2010 Emerald Cup and shot with her on the rare sunny day that weekend.  Here’s a sneak peek – look for more full galleries on the website!

Wendy Lindquist's guns

I dunno if it’s just us but it looks like Wendy’s guns just keep getting bigger.  Maybe those of you who are bicep fans can tell us but from our shoot this past weekend at the 2010 Emerald Cup, I can definitely say we saw some impressive gains.  Overall Wendy just keeps improving too so we can’t wait to see what she brings to her  next bodybuilding competition!

Marga Overby

Just wanted to share an image from our shoot with Marga Overby yesterday from the Emerald Cup.  Many of you may be familiar with her by the name Marga Martin as she used to compete in figure but found bodybuilding to suit her physique more.  Marga is a great model and has a really nice physique including great legs!  This is a sneak peek from the full photo and video shoot that James and I did with her so look for more to come!

Stephanie Spencer - Emerald Cup Figure class champion from Armbrust Gym - Denver, CO

So we had a chance to shoot with Stephanie Spencer who has a terrific physique and is a great model.  We also worked with a bunch of other athletes at the Emerald Cup and will be posting interviews, contest photos, results and candids shortly.  In the meantime we wanted to at least share this one shot from earlier today…


James Cook Show Episode 12

James Cook Show: Episode 12 (Created April 11, 2010) Information on the new Julie Bourassa video available on Blu-Ray and DVD with scenes. GeneX Magazine updates with Maria Rita Bello Profile. New performer 'Julietta_fit' at Interview with Megan Abshire and scenes from the ftvideo members area with Megan Abshire, Marina Lemonovskaya and Julie Bourassa (

2010 Emerald Cup!

So we're excited as usual for the Emerald Cup this year.  Should be another great competition but of course this year adds the bikini division and the event will be at a different location from the past several years.  Get your tickets and if you are competing and interested in shooting - please shoot us an email!

You can find out more on the the official Emerald Cup website and get your tickets here!

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