Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan wanted for murder?

The Las Vegas Review-Journal and many other media outlets have reported that the couple is wanted in connection with a death of a woman in Nevada. Read the story here.

UPDATE: Craig and Kelly ha
ve been captured and will be held until an extradition hearing which will probably happen next week. More on the case...

Brenda Smith on Jones Soda?

Check her out on the label - we think she'd be quite compelling on a label - go ahead and vote so we can see some female muscle in stores and soda bottles near you!

Tara Scotti on Fear Factor!

I was recently told that the Fear Factor episode I filmed last summer was picked to be the season premiere for the upcoming season. So I just wanted to let everyone in my mailbox know about it because people are always asking me when it is going to air.

It is going to be on this Tuesday Dec 6th, at 8 PM. That might be different depending on what time zone are in. So check your local listings if you want to check it out. It is a special edition episode called "Heist Fear Factor " and my brother was my teammate for it. Should be really fun. I have a feeling they edited the show to make me look like a crazy NYer. But who knows.

- Tara Scotti

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