Lisa Giesbrecht on track for the 2012 Ms Olympia!

Here's Lisa Giesbrecht earlier today before her athlete checkin.  She's looking lean and ready to hit the stage tomorrow!

2012 NPC USAs!

The 2012 NPC USAs is coming up later this month and we already know of a ton of great athletes that'll be competing.  Check out the flyer and make sure to get your tickets, or if you can't make it, we'll be posting updates from the weekend online as well. We talked to promoter Jon Lindsay yesterday and he told us it'll be one of the largest fields ever so expect some amazing new talent to be discovered in the desert!

Katka: bodybuilding or physique?

Five months after Katka Kyptova posted on her blog that she planned to compete in the new women’s physique division, she tells us she is still dreaming of competing as a bodybuilder and may not be done yet after all. "I love bodybuilding!" she says. She has applied for a pro card in physique but says she is also thinking of competing as a bodybuilder at the Arnold Amateur Europe in Madrid in October. At 5-foot-5, she now weighs around 170 pounds – around 10 pounds less than when she was prepping for the Arnold – and is enjoying the off-season. But she says that although likes being a little smaller than she was last year, she is still thinking about competing with the big girls. She says that, when she looks at photos of herself in contest shape last year, she can’t imagine losing the size she has taken so long to develop. “I see 12 years of hard work,” she says. “I don’t want to lose it!” 

Brigita Brezovac focuses on Ms. O

Brigita Brezovac tells us she is determined to come in in great shape at the Ms. O in September after a six-month off-season that will give her time to recover and improve. The Slovenian sensation says she was disappointed with her condition at the Arnold, where she placed sixth. “My body wanted to rest but I forced it to do another contest”, she says. The 32 year-old pro did three shows in 2011, culminating in third place at the Ms. O – an incredible achievement for a sophomore pro. “I’m still like, ‘Omigod, really? Me?’ For me, placing behind two legends – Iris and Yaxeni – was like winning the Olympia.” Brigita is now relaxing and letting her body recuperate before she goes into contest prep again in the summer. She plans to prep for the Ms. O in Australia, where she is going to spend three months from June to September. At 5-foot-4, she is now around 160 pounds and plans to compete in Vegas at around 145. We can't wait to see how she looks onstage!

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