Heather Policky makes book cover

Heather Policky makes the front cover image for our upcoming publication. We'll be posting more about the book but Heather is shown here with a pre-publication proof copy of the book, which we'll also have on hand at the Arnold Classic this coming weekend.

Congratulations to Heather for that and making her pro debut and pro win!

Amy Schmid in Jane magazine

Look out for 23 year-old national-level female bodybuilder Amy Schmid in the May 2007 issue of Jane magazine. The magazine, which is aimed at twentysomething women, will feature Amy in a full-page portrait along with an article as part of its annual "30 Under 30" photo portfolio of "inspiring, relevant, thought-provoking young women". Last year's feature featured everyone from a librarian to a cowgirl, activists to famous actresses. Kudos to the magazine for including a female bodybuilder this year too!

Amy is competing at the first ever amateur show at the Arnold Classic in her hometown - Columbus, Ohio - next weekend.

Shannon Rabon back on track!

We heard from Shannon Rabon recently who's been busy with her daughter and whom we last saw at the 2006 NPC Jr USAs when she was still pregnant. She's told us she's back in the gym and getting back on track. Rabon was always one of the top National level lightweights and a great bodybuilder so we're excited to hear that she's coming back to the competitive stage!

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