Cecilia Benjaminson and Evalinda Karlson calendars!

Swedish phenoms Cecelia Benjaminson and Evalinda Karlson (both are featured here on www.FTVideo.com and genex magazine) are featured in a wonderful 2008 calendar. Here’s a preview image of the calendar which can be purchased directly through Cecilia’s website: http://www.ceciliabenjaminson.com/

Support Swedish muscle!

Venetia Gloux - 2007 British Champion

We got this photo of British Champion Venetia Gloux from John Plummer over in the UK. She’s just 24 years old now so looks to have a bright future. Hopefully she’ll follow in the footsteps of British legends Andrulla Blanchette and Joanna Thomas.

Kristy's trophy

Kristy was enamored by the kids menu at our recent dinner and drew
herself her own National Championship trophy here. Can you tell what it

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