Herman Cain and female bodybuilder Kimberly Vay

We were surprised to see more Herman Cain coverage but this time with someone we had just met at the 2011 NPC Nationals in Miami, female bodybuilder Kimberly Vay.  It's probably crazy for her now with even Fox News identifying her and mixing her up in the Herman Cain craziness.


More photos of Kimberly from Nationals are posted here:



Female Bodybuilder Kashma Maharaj

We shot a lot of video footage with Kashma Maharaj down in South Beach during the 2011 NPC Nationals.  She looks amazing and we expect you'll appreciate her physique as well.  Her upper body reminds us of Kim Perez in the way that she packs on the muscle – what do you think?


Carmen Tocheniuk's new look

Female Bodybuilder Carmen Tocheniuk had kept a low profile going into the 2011 Canadian Nationals but we caught up with her after the show to shoot. Here's a sneak peek!


More at: http://tour.ftvideo.com/showgal.php?g=groups/4895/12_1&s=51


Lisa Giesbrecht fresh off her Masters Overall and turning pro

Here's a peek at Lisa who's now an IFBB Pro bodybuilder.  She won the Masters Overall at the 2011 Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals recently and we shot with her the morning after where she was still crazily vascular – look for the photos and video soon!


You can see more of Lisa on the website: http://tour.ftvideo.com/showgal.php?g=groups/6866/12_1&s=51

Amy Schmid

We caught up with Amy – notice anything new about her?  See more of her at: http://tour.ftvideo.com/showgal.php?g=groups/232/12_1&s=51


guess who?

Take a guess at who's back this is – from our shoot earlier this week for the Olympia!



Erica Cordie in the desert

Our first shoot this Olympia weekend was out in the desert with Erica Cordie.  Here's a sneak peek from our shoot!


Help Alyssa Stroud get to the NPC Nationals

Alyssa Stroud was one of the hot stars at the 2011 NPC USAs this past weekend.  She's got an awesome structure and her physique can easily carry a lot of muscle, of which she's packed it on since her transition from figure to bodybuilding.  She's now working to get to the 2011 NPC Nationals in Florida and has set up a website to let you help her do just that: http://letshelpalyssa.weebly.com/


Donate what you can to help this rising star step back on stage in November!

new business card cover model contest

OK so we're printing up the next batch of genex magazine business cards.  The last batch featured IFBB Pro Kris Murrell.  Who do you think should be on the next card? 


Carla Rossi is ready!

For the NPC USAs – check out her wicked back as she trains four days out:

Look out for Carla at the USAs!

We shot with Carla, who's making her debut at the National level in the NPC in women's bodybuilding as she preps for the 2011 NPC USAs (get your tickets now: http://lindsayproductions.com/11EventInfoUSA.php).  She looked terrific don't you think?  Find out at the show and follow here at genex magazine for updates on our shoots that weekend…


female bodybuilder Theresa Ivancik

Theresa was one of our favorite shoots at Jr Nationals.  She's got great thickness and James got some amazing video of her.  Here's one of my favorite stills from the shoot.  You can see more of Theresa flexing and posing here: http://tour.ftvideo.com/showgal.php?g=groups/7977/12_1&s=51


Physique athlete Michelle Jin

James had an awesome shoot with Michelle Jin this weekend!  What bodypart do you think really stands out?  Personally, we love her legs!

Check out more of Michelle on FTVideo.com: http://tour.ftvideo.com/showgal.php?g=groups/4502/12_1&s=51

Amberly Plaski physique athlete

We shot with Amberly Plaski this weekend and she's got a terrific look.  Here's a sneak preview shot from yesterday!

Check out Jessica "Power Princess" tonight and chat with her on the radio!

Jessica is going to be on FTNS (fitness) radio (tonight / Wednesday) from 8-9pm (NYC time) http://www.ftns.com -  Listen, call in at (650) ASK-FTNS, whatever


If you have an IPhone there's a FREE app so you can download it !! She's also in the centerfold of the May/June Power Magazine (if you don't subscribe it launches in the bookstores June 8th)


FBB Theresa Ivancik - 2011 Arnold Interview

Check out James Cook's interview with female bodybuilder Theresa Ivancik at the 2011 Arnold Sports Festival.

Female bodybuilder Theresa Ivancik

Theresa was another competitor we shot at the Arnold this year. She's got a fantastic physique with some amazing delts. Look for workout video and more
coverage of Theresa on the site soon!

Andrea Trent back on the competition stage?

One of our all time favorite models and physique athletes is Andrea Trent and we did a quick shoot with her at the Arnold earlier.  She's considering stepping back on stage in the physique division and we hope that happens since she's got a great physique and presence that would translate well into that new division.  What do you think?

Coralie Marchisio draws a crowd at the 2011 Arnold Classic

James Cook shoots with French female bodybuilder Coralie Marchisio during the 2011 Arnold Classic weekend.

Holly Chambliss preview photo from the 2011 Arnold Classic!

Here's a sneak peek at Holly who was our first shoot at the Arnold this weekend!


Helle's back!

Helle Nielsen is making a comeback! The gorgeous Danish pro, who last competed in 2003, plans to do the pro show at the FIBO expo in Germany on April 16. “I couldn’t resist with a show this close to Denmark,” she says.

Helle exploded onto the scene in 2003 when she won the Jan Tana on her pro debut when she was just 27 years-old and placed fifth in the heavyweights at the Ms. Olympia later that year. That turned out to be her last show but she has continued to train hard and heavy and is in great shape (as you can see from the pic above, which is from a shoot she did over the holidays).

Eight years after her last show, she's still only in her mid-thirties, which is exactly when female bodybuilders hit their peak. Helle says the break has definitely benefited her and her body has matured since we last saw her onstage. "A lot happens between 27 and 35", she says. "I just have a different flow." At 5-foot-5, she says she has added size, especially to her back, and expects to compete at around 165 (compared to 152 in 2003). She will also be at the Arnold next month to check out the competition.

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