Luciana Papini

Luciana Papini, originally uploaded by James Cook Show.

One of the awesome competitors we found during the 2010 Southern States bodybuilding!

Sultry female bodybuilder Alica Kavuljakova's photos

We had a lot of fun shooting with Alica outside of Chicago during the 2010 NPC Jr Nationals.  She's got a great look and with her jet black flowing hair, has an unmistakable presence.


Here's two quick shots from the shoot and James got a lot of good video footage a bit of which has already been uploaded to and YouTube here:


guess who?

If you like legs and calves you'll love our newest model.  Here's a look at her from her first shoot and James got some great video footage as well! 


Jr Nationals Female Bodybuilder: Amanda Micka

One of my favorite shoots of the weekend was with Mississippian Amanda Micka. She's got that charming Southern drawl, and a powerful physique to match with her good looks. Here's a couple shots from my shoot and James shot a ton of great video and a preview is already up here:

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