Cecilia Benjaminson and Evalinda Karlson calendars!

Swedish phenoms Cecelia Benjaminson and Evalinda Karlson (both are featured here on www.FTVideo.com and genex magazine) are featured in a wonderful 2008 calendar. Here’s a preview image of the calendar which can be purchased directly through Cecilia’s website: http://www.ceciliabenjaminson.com/

Support Swedish muscle!

Venetia Gloux - 2007 British Champion

We got this photo of British Champion Venetia Gloux from John Plummer over in the UK. She’s just 24 years old now so looks to have a bright future. Hopefully she’ll follow in the footsteps of British legends Andrulla Blanchette and Joanna Thomas.

Kristy's trophy

Kristy was enamored by the kids menu at our recent dinner and drew
herself her own National Championship trophy here. Can you tell what it

BODIES the Exhibition

So I checked out the BODIES exhibit that's all over the world and it was
pretty cool. Some of the most ripped people you will see. Although
many physiques weren't as impressive as the physique athletes we see all
the time, it was really neat to see what's under the skin. There were
some cool cutaways of bodies and my favorite may have been the shelf
guy, but I think there are different people at each exhibit. Definitely
worth checking out if you are into the human body!


Kris Murell and Kristy Hawkins

Kris and Kristy are both down in SoCal doing shoots after Nationals.

Kristy also told us that she'll be shooting together with Britt Miller with
Bill Dobbins so look for those photos as well.

Buff Dara Torres in the New York Times: Torres Is Getting Older, but Swimming Faster

dara torress abs

SPORTS | November 19, 2007

Torres Is Getting Older, but Swimming Faster
A nine-time Olympic medalist, Dara Torres trains on the cutting edge so that her personal pharmacy does not have to be.

FitVidz webcam system live!

Kim Birtch is one of the many popular female bodybuilders from around the
world that are currently live on the latest incarnation of the webcam system
that we launched last month - FitVidz.com

Check out the site now to see who's on and feel free to recommend any
performers who you think might like to be online, and now we also have some
live feeds from Gene X's studio shoots when possible so if there's anyone or
anything you want to check out, please let us know!

Monica Brennan in SOMA

Monica Brennan was in San Francisco and we did a little shoot down in a
few alleys in SOMA - this is one of the shots from the shoot. Female
Bodybuilder Amy Schmid was also in town so look for some candids from
her visit on the FTVideo.com web site soon!

Amy Schmid in San Francisco

I was surprised to get a text message from National level bodybuilder Amy
Schmid who was in town with a friend on vacation. We managed to all three
get together for drinks and such Saturday night. A few pix from the night

Southern California Firefighter Nola Trimble

You all are probably familiar with gorgeous figure athlete Nola Trimble who
we've featured on our site before. She's also in the 2007 America's Female
Firefighters calendar which is a great calendar. You can purchase last
year's calendar as well as the 2008 version from their website at:

Check it out and support them! Nola went in to work this morning. We
haven't talked to her since, but she may be fighting those raging SoCal
fires right now!

Pro bodybuilder Joanna Thomas in San Francisco

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Joanna Thomas was in San Francisco this week and we
had a chance to have drinks at one of my favorite bars, the Tempest
where this cell phone shot was taken.

Sarah Dunlap caught at 111 Minna

Some photographers were roaming a party we checked out at 111 Minna while
Sarah was out in San Francisco - here are the three photos they posted!

Sarah Dunlap in San Francisco

Sarah visited San Francisco and we got a bit of time to show her around.
Here's her at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and chilling in the city... Check out more of Sarah in our members exclusive photos and video!

Allison Bookless: Marine Corp Marathon

Ally Bookless here....hello:)

Sorry about the mass e-mail but I wanted to send you all some information on
my upcoming marathon. I will be running the Marine Corp Marathon on October
28th For Team TAPS in honor of Dustin Derga.

TAPS is a national non-profit organization serving families, friends and
military service members who have been affected by a death in the armed
TAPS offers peer support, crisis response and intervention, grief care and
counseling resources, casework assistance, long-term survivor wellness, and
community and military education and outreach.

Here is some information on Dustin:


If you know anyone who might be interested in sponsoring me, please have
them visit this link. I am running under my married name (Allison Wendt)


Thank you!

Ruth Silverman Blog

Ruth told us about her blog on IronMan's website. Check it out here:

She'll have some insights and commentary on the sport from her

Figure/Bodybuilder Allison Schlegel in Iraq

Allison is a soldier serving in Iraq and a fan of the site. She's going to
try to get on the boards to say hello but of course has other duties that
are more pressing most of the time out there.

"I am currently in Iraq at the moment and will be here until April/May time
frame. However I will be getting leave in February. I was going to try and
find a show then. I'm preparing for one now that will take place here in
Baghdad in late September/early October."

- SPC Allison C. Schlegel

Dorothy Trojanowicz in Muscular Development!

Dorothy told us that she’s in the current issue of MD which is doing a great job of covering the women. Probably the best newsstand mag right now doing that so we want to shout out our appreciation. Here’s what she told us:

“Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share with You all my Joy of being futured in current Muscular Development magazine , August 2007 issue , page 362- "Femme Physique" column by Steve Wennerstorm !

WoW! I could not get better reward this year! I am so happy !

Dreams do come true ! You just do not know, when it will happen!

I really did not have to wait that long after being nationally recognized as of 2005 , At Chicago's Jr Nationals 5th LHW finisher in bb , then year later I decided to switch to Figure , placed 15 th frist time in Figure division 2006 , was 13 in NY- Figure Nationals , and now I enjoy my 7th place on Jr Nationals figure 2007 ! Yey!'

I did not place in NY 2007 { month after JR Nat's } but, I am very pleased with my current career movement as a Figure athlete and model, and I will take my sweet time to show up next Year In Chicago again to fight for top 5 in Figure and continue climbing up !

I love the sport so much!!!

Please check my website http://www.buffpam.com/ for all my pictures , full lenght videos ,blogs and mamny more exclusive members only futures!

Thank You all My FANS for Your KIND SUPPORT !

Dorothy- buffpam

Champ Camp with Chastity Slone!

Chastity SloneHi
Everyone this is Chastity Slone I
wanted to let you know about a lifestyle makeover seminar called Champ
Camp that Valerie Waugaman and I are hosting in Boulder, Colorado. As
these camps tend to fill up fast we wanted to get the word out to our
competition friends first. This one day and three day Camp will be a
perfect get away for anyone wishing to enjoy an action-packed weekend
of health, fitness, wellness and new friendships in a beautiful

Please help
us out by sending this to 10 of your friends or peers you
think might really enjoy a weekend like this. Please then ask them to
do the same. We do offer a buddy discount for you and a friend. Have a
wonderful summer and thank you greatly for your help!



Rylee Aspen (Tamee Marie)

Tamee Marie gave birth today to Rylee Aspen at 5:45 am. She weighed in at 6lbs 15 oz and measured 19.5 inches. Mom and baby are doing great. Congrats Tamee!

Ironman Magazine features genex magazine!

Ironman Magazine features genex magazine
The current (July 2007) issue of Ironman magazine on the stands now has a great feature on our site. Go get a copy today and see what they have to say about the site!

Charmaine Davis gets local coverage for competing at the Arnold

Check out the article in the Delaware News Journal's website which is about Charmaine Davis who placed third in her class at the Arnold Amateur Figure Championships. It's always good to see physique athletes getting publicity in mainstream media!

Heather Policky makes book cover

Heather Policky makes the front cover image for our upcoming publication. We'll be posting more about the book but Heather is shown here with a pre-publication proof copy of the book, which we'll also have on hand at the Arnold Classic this coming weekend.

Congratulations to Heather for that and making her pro debut and pro win!

Amy Schmid in Jane magazine

Look out for 23 year-old national-level female bodybuilder Amy Schmid in the May 2007 issue of Jane magazine. The magazine, which is aimed at twentysomething women, will feature Amy in a full-page portrait along with an article as part of its annual "30 Under 30" photo portfolio of "inspiring, relevant, thought-provoking young women". Last year's feature featured everyone from a librarian to a cowgirl, activists to famous actresses. Kudos to the magazine for including a female bodybuilder this year too!

Amy is competing at the first ever amateur show at the Arnold Classic in her hometown - Columbus, Ohio - next weekend.

Shannon Rabon back on track!

We heard from Shannon Rabon recently who's been busy with her daughter and whom we last saw at the 2006 NPC Jr USAs when she was still pregnant. She's told us she's back in the gym and getting back on track. Rabon was always one of the top National level lightweights and a great bodybuilder so we're excited to hear that she's coming back to the competitive stage!

Stick It!

If you are interested in seeing buff gymnasts then go check out Stick It, it's a film that's not the greatest cinematic accomplishment but has some nice scenes with buff girls training, and competing. If you get the DVD, there's some cool extras with flex offs of the actual gymnasts in the movie and their counterparts on screen.

Arnold ages!

Ouch, check out the crazy before and now photos on the LA Times article about Arnold.

Muscle & Body magazine...

Muscle & Body magazine...

Muscle and Body magazine has showcased some photography from our site in the

current issue – There’s a feature on Jennifer Abrams in there in an article

called "Muscle Mom"

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