LA Law, Halcyon Duarte style

In the 1980s there was a TV show called LA Law that had all kinds of great looking people playing lawyers and now we've got one of the hottest rising figure stars Halcyon Duarte going to law school in Southern California. You may not see her on stage in the next several months while she hits the books but the next time you are in court, if you find yourself distracted it might
be because of Halcy!

Jessica Nabinger

Fitness competitor Jessica Nabinger would like to introduce herself. Enjoy the photos and check out her website!
"I'm attaching a few photos from July. I was getting ready to compete at Team Universe in Fitness. I finished 6th place, but I was most pleased with my 2nd place out of 15 girls in the one-piece (4th in the two piece). I have not posted these photos on my own personal site yet. I'm getting ready now for a guest performance at the Northern Classic in Tacoma and then Nationals in Atlanta." - Jessica Nabinger/NPC Fitness Competitor/

Amy Schmid wins at the Motor City!

Amy Schmid wins at the Motor City!
Amy Schmid is a hot new face on the bodybuilding scene and last week she won the Motor City championships and is on her way to the North Americans. Look for more of Amy as she's a rising star in the sport.

Kim Birtch readies for Canadian Nationals

Kim Birtch readies for Canadian Nationals

Check out this shot that Kim sent us. While it isn't her at three weeks out, she still looks amazing and is yet another example of a beautiful female bodybuilder. Good luck to Kim as she gets ready for the last few weeks before Canadian Nationals!

Misty Green by James Cook

Misty Green by James Cook

Misty Green by James Cook - Courtesy of the cameraphone

My New Web Site ""

I want to thank Simon and the rest of the crew at for designing and putting my very first personal site up. There is a Gallery section, a new VIP section too. Also, I have a special articles section that will include training tips and workout photos and, of course there is my very own One-on-One Personal Training area: "Behind The Iron." Not to mention a links page of all my friends. I will be officially launching my web site as one of the sponsors for the 2005 New Brunswick Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships. So, don't waste any time check my new web site out at

Behind the scenes...

Jody May

Check back later this week. We're going to post a photoreport from the Tara Scotti Afterparty from the Team U this past weekend! Here's a shot by Andy of Andys Muscle Goddesses from the USAs in Vegas last week.

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