Becca vs. Amber: Clash of the Titans

If you are a fan of seeing big strong women going head-to-head on the mats then you will definitely want to check out this upcoming video.  Check out Becca’s site to find out more and see who won out in this Clash of the Titans:





We love Hayley McNeff!

We think you will too if you don’t already.  This young co-ed has a smoking look with nice thick muscles and is getting ready for the 2010 Team Universe Bodybuilding Championships and we think she’s got a great chance of winning there.  Here’s a preview pic of Hayley from the video shoot James Cook had with her last weekend in New York.

Marja Lehtonen preview

So Marja is one of our favorite models.  She loves to pose and flex so much that even when you tell her she can relax, she just keeps on flexing.  But then again looking at the physique she’s developed – how can you blame her?

Here’s one shot from a bunch of the stuff we shot at the New York Pro show last week in Manhattan!

Julia K #nypro

One of my favorite athletes to shoot with this weekend was Julia.  You’ll be seeing more of her on the site but just wanted to post up one pic.  She was in the audience at the 2010 NY Pro and we had to set something up.  We think she’s got a really nice upper body and we hope you like her look!



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