Shannon "bringing it all" to the USA

There is a lot of buzz right now about 21 year-old national-level female bodybuilder Shannon Courtney, who is about to start her prep for the USA in Vegas in July. "I am so excited for this prep", she tells us. "I am bringing it all to the USA!" California girl Shannon placed third in the light-heavyweights at the USA last year on her national-level debut (left). At 5-foot-2 and 130 pounds onstage, she looked incredible. What made it even more impressive was that she turned 21 just a couple of weeks before the USA (she had her first legal margarita after the show!). In his contest report, women's bodybuilding historian Steve Wennerstrom said she had "beautifully shaped thighs" and predicted a big future for her. Since the show, Shannon has been focusing on bringing up her upper body to match her legs and especially on lower lats and biceps. She says she's had her "best off-season yet" and thinks she'll be around 138-140 pounds onstage this time. Her role models in bodybuilding are Anne Freitas and Debi Laszewski. For more on Shannon check out her facebook fan page - she describes her interests as "moving heavy ass weight!" - and follow her on twitter.

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