Stephanie Middleton

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Birthdates: April 15, Place of Birth: Lynchburg, VA,Current City and State residence: Desoto, Texas /Profession: Account Executive / Height 5'4 /On Season: 125 / Off Season: 115 / What sport Activities did you like before weight training? I ran track in High School and College. I ran the 100 and 200 yard dash and the 440 and 880 relay. What was your first contest like? My first contest was the 2004 Ronnie Coleman Classic and I was very nervous because I never done anything like that before, but overall it gave me a rush, because I am a very competitive person. Have you always wanted to compete? At first I did not, but I saw my first body building show with my husband and I saw the competitors and said to myself. I have a great physique so I enter my first Figure Show in 2004. Contest History: 2004 Ronnie Coleman Classic I came in 2nd place and the 2005 Jr. Nationals in Chicago I came in 16th place Please describe your typical day? A typical day for me, I get up in the morning at 5:30am to get ready to go to the gym. I try to get there no later than 6:30am. I would do at least 30 mins of cardio(off season and competition time I would do at least 1 hour) I would train with my trainer at least 3 time a week. After work out I would get ready for work between 9:00am to 5p.m. I would pick up my daughter from school and take her to gymnastic. Then I would come home and relax. How often do you train? On the off season I work out 5 days a week and Competition time I will work out 6 days a week. Plans for 2006: My plans for 2006 I will continue to develop my physique. I will competite in at least 3 to 4 show a year and one day I will earn my pro card in the Figure Division. I would also like to project a positive image with the nutrition companies and fitness magazine. Email:

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