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  1. James says:

    My name is James Lawyer and I am a Nez Perce Indian. While growing up I eagerly listened to the ledgendary tales of the strength of the pre-contact Nez Perce women. This idea I present in my webgroup homepage narrative. The link is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CowGirlMaximunMuscleTrainingGym/
    This fact was demonstrated to me when my mom, my grandmother and Dr. Francis Haynes (one of the founders of the Appaloosa Horse Club) went to check on something. My grandma's sister and I were then the only ones at our home. Both my grandma and her sister were born before 1900 and lived a life encouraging physically strong women. My grandma's sister fell through some kind of rodent tunnel. When I went to help her I was surprised at her strength. A week or two before I had been in a wrestling class in school and her strength was a lot greater then the strongest of the guys in my class. And her biceps were astounding. Charla Sudacca's were exactly like her's when Charla appeared in her championship shape.

    In about 1970 I went to a Big-10 university. Unable to locate any muscle type girls one day I convinced my girlfriend to come to the weight room with me. Immediately, the weight room moderator ran over and tried to tell us that girls training in the weight room was not allowed. But, after talking to the weight room manager we were able to continue. Next day there were about 30 girls who started to train in the weight room. The day after the number of girls had exploded to over 200. As it was the Big-10 weight room managers were in conference that week and surprisingly this weight room manager used this girls training in the weight room as the topic of his presentation. After all the weight room managers returned to their schools all the "No women allowed to weight train" signs came down across the Big-10. The results were the same as in two days or so over 200 girls at each weight room started to train. Several universities at other major conferences "caught wind" of this happening and allowing girls to train resulted in the same 200 girls training number. Also, the national convention of weight room managers was the week following the Big-10 convention. Girls training in the weight room was a major topic of this conference also. The weight room manager of my weight room told me that the thing caught on like a fire storm as in just three weeks following my taking my girlfriend to the weight room at university across the country about 200 girls were starting to train in each weight room. In this society ruled by "free enterprise" the commercial gyms had with the huge number of women taking up weight training a financially successful outlook. This is my major contribution to the success of the sport of female bodybuilding.

    There is another factor in this matter. Washington Irving (the author of the headless horseman and Rip Van Winkle) wrote a history of Bonneville and his travels in the western USA in the 1830s. This history included a bit about my great-great grandmother. All my young life I was always told "...your great-great grandmother is told about in that history." My great-great grandmother was included for her heroic deed. However, the European critics in about the 1850's didn't approve of her heroism. They stated that the history was "...too much about the heroism among the primitive women than we are willing to accept."

    The continuation of this is that when I was in the Army I was station in Erlangen, Germany. I would go to my headquarters in Furth and on the return I would go by train. On the train ride there was one guy who was always on the same trip. One day we started talking and we became friends. He was a student and rented a room in a house just outside the gate of the garrison. one time we had agreed to meet to do something. I called him at his house at dinner time the day before to make arrangements for the outing. When he told the professor who had rented the room to him that I was a Nez Perce the professor was ecstatic. The reason being is that the professor's great grandmother was a founder and leader of a movement of Stong Women Clubs system that established themselves across the Americas and Europe starting in the 1850's up to about the end of world war one. The philosphical underpinnings include nudism, weight training for women and suntanning to a deep bronze appearance. The weight training included work with Indian Clubs as proved by remnants in the Netherlands into the 1960's. There were some big muscle women there (200 pounds) whose daily routines were hallmarked with rigorous Indian clubs routines. In the USA until about the 1950's were in a niche in the nudism camp lifestyle. When I met the professor he told me that the inspiring thing that lead his great grandmother to start these Strong Women Clubs was the heroic activities of my great-great grandmother.

    Muscle magazines before women bodybuilding were more periodicals than magazines. They came out on an occasional basis and not on a regular basis. And also they were small (16 pages), cheap and on low quality pulp paper. With the cover models Cory Everson, Tonya Knight, Anja Albrect (Scheiber), and Sandy Riddel these magazine became expensive 400 pages monthly productions on high glossy paper.

    Now, the muscle women who made this industry a financial success are now having the backs in the sport turned on them. The demotion of the Ms. Olympia from the main stage is only proof of this. But there is one bright side. I am the leader of the Renné Toney fan club and several years ago while studying the ad for the Olympia I thought what was needed was a biceps flexing contest. At the time I had message that some to the power brokers of the sport were observing the fan club activities. I mentioned in our clubs message board that our fan club should have as a side event at the Olympia a female bicep flexing contest. Well, in the ads that came out for the next years Olympia a biceps contest was listed as a major event!!!

    I say some things can be done. And that they should be done. Especially encouraging athletics like Anja Timmer, Maryse Manios, Emma James (Storm), Nicole Pfeutzenreuter, Monica Ingerbrigsten, Pamela Howard, Gina Davis, Dianna Solomons, Sheilahe Brown, etc...

    James Lawyer respectfully submitted

    Motto: The physicall stronger the woman the greater the tribe.

    To let you know I LOVE all muscle women. They are the greatest thing that the creator ever created.

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