An open letter from Heather Foster

Hello everyone!

I trust this e-mail finds you all in good health. As you all have now heard, the once prestigious Ms. Olympia finals has been relegated to a side show at the Olympia Expo. We are asking you to send e-mails informing your fans, family, friends, pro men bodybuilders, etc., asking them to write to each of the individuals listed below, voicing your outrage over the way the professional women bodybuilders are being treated. We have suffered many indignities over the years, yet we still remain professional, and continue to compete under less than ideal circumstances, and for very little prize money. They say we don't sell tickets, that no one wants to see us, yet we sold out the City Center Theater in NY!!! Wayne DeMilia made a statement to that effect in Flex Magazine, which is why he removed the other two divisions from the lineup the following year. So, those of us who attend the shows hear the difference in the reaction of the crowd when the female bodybuilders come onstage. I am in no way trying to take anything away from the other divisions (I have quite a few friends in both divisions). I am just stating a fact. So, I will encourage all the divisions, the amateur athletes, fans, family, friends, etc. to send an e-mail to each of the individuals below regarding this latest outrage. I do appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to to this. Thank you all in advance.

David Pecker:
Vince Scalisi:
Peter McGough:

Healthfully Yours,

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  1. bh says:

    The solution to this is simple. In this day and age, what court, anywhere would not favor for the women of bodybuilding. Inequality and injustice, Title IX and the whole nine yards. You need to organize. Elect a panel of leaders. You need someone with major face value, possibly Cory Everson, or McClish. Go after the ifbb, a well worded letter from a few lawyers would be a good start. Imagine a sport that says only the men can try hard!


    James says:

    Dear FBB Fans:

    I hope that you read my blog from below posted in the Bill Dobbins commentary.

    My belief is that a great amount of help can be acheived by grass roots individual choices. The situation is the same as in my experience when the Indian tribes from my state went to get their casino compacts approved. Our state's legislature is stacked with religious right folks from sparsely populated rural areas. Their view of us American Indians is that we were only to be on the bottom step of the social-economic ladder. So we had to take our compact approvals to the voter of the state. One of their campaign arguement was that there was a bingo hall in Boise. This bingo hall had a profit of $600,000 but was only able to show a $1,500 contribution to charity. This being said was not enough as we won. When Tonya Knight, Cory Everson, Anja Albrect and Sandy Riddel had cover photos and those magazines started to sale out the result was more money for larger magazine. But like in any empire the few get the reward. These ladies probable received small compensation while bigger and more articles were presented on the men in the sport.

    If you see a website for your favorite take up a subscription. If you see her on a general site with some clips or photos of her also take up a subscription on that site.

    Also, request to gym owners and manager to schedule her or others like her to visit the gym. Don't let some big syndicate decide that the only interest in guest visitor across the business is male bodybuilders.

    LOVE James

    Alisha says:

    Women, stop fighting with the IFBB to get them to change. Organize yourselves. Take it out of "Their" hands and put it into your OWN! Stop pleading with them to give YOU what YOU deserve. Women, get together and build a women's bodybuilding foundation that can stand on it's OWN. I would wholeheartedly support that. I would FINANCIALLY support that! I know it's starting from scratch pretty much, but bodybuilding as it is now, is falling apart (as it should I believe), and beginning to regroup and head it a better direction. Let it go, let it fall apart, and get ready to build something better,..with more integrity. I will not email said persons and plead with them to change because I DO NOT support the organizations they represent. I support to women bodybuilders themselves and those who sincerely support them. They need to be in charge of themselves. I support that and continue to support that whenever I see it. Best wishes for change in a better direction.

    bh says:

    This response, from the ifbb, rep sounds so much like a p.r. intern its not even funny. Complete B.S. Dont back down, women, being part of the "expo" is nothing great. Do they play the All Star Game at Spring Training, NO, because nobody is watching!!! To many great superstars, personalities, and friends to back down from this one. When Arnold first came on the stage many people thought he was strange, now not only is he governor, but the Highest Grossing Action Hero of Modern Film. Funny how strange turns into great so quickly.

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