Here comes Nicole Pfuetzenreuter!

"My name is Nicole Pfuetzenreuter and I found this wonderful sport in 1997. I was looking at a muscle magazine at a newspaper stand and saw some really huge female bodybuilders. I thought in this moment 'wow - I want to look like this too.' I decided to go to a bodybuilding club near my house and because of my great motivation and good genetics my muscles grew fast and my body changed in the desired way.

"I have to say that before I started working out I was as fat as a fat cow. I was weighing nearly 220 pounds without muscle at all. Thank god that in the meantime my physique completely changed. one year later in 1998 I saw at Germanys "FIBO" in Essen the one and only Denise Masino. She inspired me that much that it was now much more clear in my head than ever before: 'I want look so damned sexy and muscular too.' She told me that I have a great spirit and that I should try to reach my dreams - to go on stage soon.

"In 1999 I started my diet and after 10 months of strict dieting and only eating rice and chicken I went to my first contest and came first in the heavyweight class. I was so happy that day, that was one of the greatest moments in my life. The last years I did some powerlifting and strength contests too. I am able to bench press 286 pounds for example. Last year was the greatest year at all for me cause I won the german championships heavyweight class and overall with a contest weight of 176 pounds ripped and massive. My next goal now is to get my pro card soon and to compete in professional shows with all the other big girls who I admire that much."

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