LaDawn McDay

A new competitor who impressed a lot of people at the USA two weeks ago was LaDawn McDay, who at 5-foot-4 and 139 pounds placed third in the light-heavyweights - the toughest class in the show. LaDawn is a 35 year-old Detroit schoolteacher who actually trains at the same Powerhouse Gym in Highland Park, Mich., where eight-time Ms. O Lenda Murray began her bodybuilding career. "Lenda Murray is a great inspiration to me," she says. She has been competing in shows in Michigan since 2004 and placed sixth in the heavyweights at the North Americans - her first-national level show - last year.

LaDawn teaches 8-10 year-olds who she says are very supportive of her being a bodybuilder. "During pre-contest, they make sure that I eat my meals or drink my shakes on time," she says. "In fact, they enjoy bragging that their teacher has muscles. Many of the young girls see me as a role model and aspire to get in shape and want to know more about my eating and training routines. I use bodybuilding as a tool to educate my students on living a healthier lifestyle." LaDawn plans to do the North Americans again on August 29. She will also be guest posing at the John Simmons Bodybuilding Classic in Detroit on September 12.

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