2009 Screwed Award winners announced!

Two years ago at the Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals we loved the giant screw art in the lobby of the Sheraton Station Square, the host hotel for the NPC contest and along with TomNine, awarded Kate Baird the first ever “Screwed Award”. Kate was sorely overlooked that year we felt and as such she was the inaugural winner. Since we did not do the award last year, we conferred with TomNine and this year have two award winners:

- Kim Winn: Kim looked fantastic and although she may not have been totally ripped, we still think she should have placed much higher and as such are awarding her one of the 2009 Screwed Awards

- Amy Sibcy: Sure Amy got third but, wow, she looked amazing at this show! We thought she could have won her class easily and saying that (even a pro card potentially) but it wasn’t how the results panned out and as such we’re giving her the second of the 2009 Screwed Awards.

1 Response to "2009 Screwed Award winners announced!"

  1. TomNine says:

    I thought Amy was a solid contender for first or second in her class, but it was Tracy's Night of Destiny. Janet looked great too, but I think the judges were just more used to seeing her. I'd like to see the score sheets and wonder if it was even close.

    Kimm certainly would have placed in the top 5 in her class in the over-35 group which had 4 weight classes, but she only did the over-45 where a similar number of women were broken into two classes.

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