Sandy Grant on the radio today!

Hey Everyone!
Today I will be a phone guest on KJAG Radio Station to talk about my training, diet and latest column on!
They will be showcasing the interview on their network of syndicated stations after the interview is done. Also they will be airing the broadcast as a pod cast via I will send you a link to the program at your request so you can download it and listen to at your convience.
In recent weeks KJAG has interviewed IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Flex Wheeler, UFC Ref, John McCarthy and TNA Wrestling Star Lance Hoyt amoung other Bodybuilders as well as Ms. Olympia Dayana Cadeau .
KJAG will also have the interviews on as well. I will keep you posted.
Here's some information on the Radio Station:
James Lowe
*PD of KJAG The Attitude Radio Networks
*Host/Producer of The Jiggy Jaguar Show
*Owner and
Managing Editor of The Mic

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