Trading Spouses looking for bodybuilder moms!

"My name is Hedy Melamed and I am a casting director at FOX. I am currently looking for a dynamic body building mom for Fox's hit show "Trading Spouses." Couples need to be legally married and all children need to be above the age of six years old.

If you are not familiar with the show, it's a family oriented show that highlights various cultures and lifestyles of families across America.It's been compared to a "foreign exchange student program" for parents. It's aonce in a lifetime experience that is fun, educational and profitable. At the end of the seven-day shoot, each family will receive $50,000!

I am on a deadline, so if you know of one, can you please have them call me right away, they can ask for "Hedy" at (323) 802-0609 or they can email me

Also check out and click on the Trading Spouses icon for more information.

Hedy Melamed

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