Jo Stewart update!

Jo Stewart has taken the New Zezland National bodybuilding title for the fifth time and just got 3rd place at the World Masters Champs in Sicily! Jo has posted a lot of info on her site.

We're big fans since we first met her and her husband Mark at the Worlds several years ago - congrats Jo!

Special thanks for some info from Anita Albrecht who Jo's working with now too!

2 Response to "Jo Stewart update!"

  1. Jobaby says:

    Hi Gene, I have just come back from Budapest where I won the Masters Worlds... two of the german girls placed 2nd and 3rd. What a buzz to travel so far, be the second lightest in the class, one of the eldest (with the Romanian being 47 also, we were the eldest of the class of 19 competitors). So now I am home and still having to pinch myself.. what a buzz

    Congrats Jo - I am sure it's very well deserved and you know we love you - how does it feel to be a World Champion?!

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