Announcing the new WPW site!

From publisher Bill Jentz!

"Women's Physique World (WPW) has a new site which will reproduce older issues of the print magazine which are no longer available, adding many more photos to the original coverage. We will have a new OnlineMagazine each month, and the first one is live now. Our OnlineMagazine #1 features:

1) Our entire 256 page book from 1983- "History of Women's Bodybuilding", featuring about 500 photos of the sport's early stars. This in PDF form and is easily readable, as will be all of our future magazine reproductions.

2) Our Fall 1991 WPW print magazine with Rhonda Lundstedt on the cover. Articles include bios for Rhonda, Jan Harrell, D'Lynne Miller and Denise Rutkowski and contest coverage includes the 1991 Ms. International and Junior addition to the photos in the print magazine, about 800 more mostly never before seen black and white photos have been added.

3) Bios for two current women, with many color photos, for Carrie Simmons and Theresa Hendricks.

4) Our 'Where are You Now' features Leslie Barber, with color photos of her from 1982 and recently taken photos from 2006.

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