Melissa Dettwiller preparing for the Jr Nationals

This is a pic of Melissa taken on the 17th of this month. She's about 153 lbs. in this pic

See more of Melissa on her site:

She's also in Planet Muscle Magazine this month!! It's the May 2006 issue page 138! I'm part of a contest presented by Planet Muscle Magazine & If you would like to support her , go here, look on the right side under VOTE FOR THE HOTTEST FITBOD! and then click on her name (halfway down in the left column) to vote for me.

1 Response to "Melissa Dettwiller preparing for the Jr Nationals"

  1. DJ Talyn says:

    Oh, I love Melissa. I so voted for her. I'm glad she got back on her feet after she lost everything due to Katrina. I even sent her some money. I'm glad it went to good use. GOOD LUCK, MELISSA!

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