Introducing Sarah Pawlicki - figure competitor

Hi! my name is Sarah Pawlicki. I began competing in Fugure competitions in 2005, thirteen months after I had my daughter Faith. My goal was always to come back from pregnancy and proove that I could get my body back and I did!

I won my first Figure compeition, taking not only first, but overall as well! This year I made the leap to Nationals competiing in the NY Team Universe and the USA's in Vegas. I did well for my first year competing nationally! I know what I have to do for next year and am actively pursuing success in the spring of next year! I also run an online training sight, and have invented a new piece of equipment. The Spider ball is about to become the new face of fitness! The patent is pending and we can't wait to get it out to the world! Thanks for your attention.

Sarah Pawlicki

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