Nikki Perry set to make her pro debut in 2018

You may remember seeing pics of Nikki Perry like this one at Nationals in 2012, when she placed second in the heavyweights behind overall winner Juanita Blaino (more pics from the show here). At the time she was working with Chad Nicholls – Kim Chizevsky’s husband and trainer – who tweeted that she was one of the few female bodybuilders that had the specific look that he liked. Five years later, after a series of ups and downs, Nikki is finally set to make her pro debut in 2018. “I’m excited – and nervous!” she says.

A 40 year-old physical therapist from New Jersey, Nikki turned pro by winning the heavyweight and overall at Masters in 2015. After relocating to Las Vegas, she had planned to make her pro debut this year but in February she badly hurt her back. For weeks she couldn’t sit down and began to think she would never be able to train again, let alone compete. “That experience changed my perspective on life completely,” she says. But she gradually recovered and was able to get back to intense training and put the size she had lost back on. She now plans do make her pro debut at either the Omaha or Chicago Pro next year. After everything she has been through, we can’t wait to see her onstage and think she is going to do great as a pro!

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