Helle hits the "Mecca"

Helle Nielsen tells us she is happily settled in LA after relocating from her native Denmark in October. “I love it!” she says. “20 degrees, a blue sky every day – it’s just great to be here!” Helle lives two minutes away from Gold’s in Venice where she now trains.  “It’s really motivating because there’s a lot of great athletes and the best trainers in the world”, she says. The woman who Steve Wennerstrom called “Denmark's queen of density” plans to compete at the Tampa Pro in August. Last year she placed 9th at the Europa, 2nd at the Chicago Pro and 12th at the Olympia – the first time she had ever done 3 shows in a year. “It was hard”, she says. She says she was disappointed with her placing at the O. “I didn’t achieve the look I wanted”, she says. After taking seven weeks off, she started training again after the holidays. Currently at around 185 pounds, the 37 year-old is focused on getting more depth and detail into her back and improving her lower traps to compete with Ms. O Iris Kyle. She is using all the different machines at Gold’s to hit her back from different angles: “I’m like a kid in a candy store!”

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